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LG G3 vs Galaxy S6: 10 Things to Expect



The LG G3 wowed us with a Quad HD display in a compact and sleek design last year and remains one of the best Android smartphones you can buy. In less than a month we’ll see how the LG G3 vs Galaxy S6 comparison stacks up when Samsung announces the Galaxy S6. For users who are debating buying one of the huge LG G3 deals or waiting for the Galaxy S6 release date, this is a must read.

In less than a week Samsung will announce the Galaxy S6 and with rumors and leaks at fever pitch, we are ready to share our Galaxy S6 expectations to help shoppers understand what to expect from the Galaxy S6 vs LG G3.

LG announced the G3 in the middle of 2014 offering the first 2K display in a mass market Android smartphone and impressing us with a fast camera focus technology that beat the competition on speed. We are looking ahead to an LG G4 release this year, but for now shoppers are looking at how the older G3 compares to the upcoming Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming fast, with teasers and confirmations from many big carriers and even Samsung. All signs point to two Galaxy S6 devices with a screen that is smaller than the LG G3, but with the same high-resolution that can deliver incredible detail in photos and videos.

With less than a week before the Galaxy S6 announcement and months of using the LG G3, we have a good idea how these two devices will compare. Some of the rumors and leaks may change, but this should help potential buyers decide if it is worth waiting for the Galaxy S6 or if it is OK to buy one of the LG G3 deals today. There are enough rumors from enough sources, combined with the teasers from official sources that we can share our LG G3 vs Galaxy S6 comparison with a degree of certainty.

In this early look at what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G3 we share 10 things Gotta Be Mobile expects from the comparison that many consumers may be making in March.

Galaxy S6 Release Date

Everyone is ready for a fast Galaxy S6 release date. Read more about our U.S. Galaxy S6 release date expectations to know what we will see here in the U.S.

Best Buy is already ready for the Galaxy S6 release and major carriers are already confirming that the Galaxy S6 release date is coming soon.

Best Buy is ready or the Galaxy S6 release date.

Best Buy is ready or the Galaxy S6 release date.

AT&T confirmed the Galaxy S6 release date is in Spring and Sprint now says that it is coming soon, while T-Mobile is taking names for the Galaxy S6.

It is possible that the Galaxy S6 release date will arrive in late March or Early April. Rumors point to a Samsung vacation freeze starting on March 22nd and all signs point to a device that carriers and retailers cannot wait to start selling.

The T-Mobile Galaxy S6 release is confirmed.

The T-Mobile Galaxy S6 release is confirmed.

There is no mention of the Verizon Galaxy S6 release yet, which may be tied to a HTC One M9 release. Verizon typically spaces out the release of major devices.

Signs at Best Buy locations add to our expectation that the retailer will showcase the Galaxy S6 in stores after the launch, but before the release date. This may offer up to two weeks for consumers to go try out the Galaxy S6 and compare it to other devices before it goes on sale.

Display Size & Resolution

The LG G3 display impresses us.

The LG G3 display impresses us.

The LG G3 delivered our first real look at a Quad HD display that fits in a pocket, and with a 5.5-inch screen it dwarfed the competition without the huge device size that most big screen smartphones offer. Samsung will match the resolution, and all signs point to a smaller display that could appeal to more buyers.

We expect a Galaxy S6 with a 5.1-inch display and a Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. The LG G3 features a 5.5-inch Quad HD display with the same resolution. With a smaller display the Galaxy S6 will pack in more pixels per inch at 575 ppi compared to 538 ppi on the LG G3.

Count on a beautiful 5.1-inch Quad HD display on the Galaxy S6.

Count on a beautiful 5.1-inch Quad HD display on the Galaxy S6.

This may let the Galaxy S6 deliver more detail in photos and videos, but with a similar amount of pixels per inch it isn’t likely that there will be as much of a difference as we saw comparing the LG G3 to the iPhone 5s.

Count on a Galaxy S6 edge with a curved display lie the Note Edge shown here.

Count on a Galaxy S6 edge with a curved display lie the Note Edge shown here.

Carrier teasers clearly show a curved edge that we expect on a premium Galaxy S6 edge model. This will likely use a curved edge like the Note Edge that offers additional screen space for widgets and other controls.


Every rumor and even Samsung’s own teasers point to a new Galaxy S6 design that features metal. This is a much desired upgrade from the plastic of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. We may see a glass back on the Galaxy S6, but that is still up in the air.

The LG G3 design is plastic, but LG opted for a higher-end version that felt better in the hand than the Galaxy S5. The curved back helped the overall look and feel, and even though the G3 is thicker than competitors the curve helps it sit naturally in the user’s hand.

  • Galaxy S6 Dimensions (Rumored) -143.30 x 70.81 x 6.91 mm
  • LG G3 Dimensions – 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm

The dimensions above show how the size of the two devices will likely compare, though we won’t know for sure until the Galaxy S6 announcement on March 1st.

Users can remove the back of the LG G3 to replace a battery and there is a Micro SD card slot. The Galaxy S6 design may remove the option to replace the battery, but signs point to a Micro SD card.

Fingerprint Sensor

We expect to see an upgraded fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S6 that will perform more like Touch ID on the iPhone 6. The Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor required users swipe a finger over at the right angle and speed, and was far from ideal. For the Galaxy S6 we could see a slightly larger home button with a built-in fingerprint reader that allows users to just rest a finger on the home button.

Count on an improved fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6.

Count on an improved fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6.

The LG G3 does not include a fingerprint reader of any kind. The trend in 2014 moved towards more login options, but there is no requirement to include a fingerprint sensor on Android devices.


The LG G3 features a 13MP camera on the back and a 2.1MP camera on the front of the device. LG includes a laser that helps the camera focus faster. In the video below you can see how it helps the LG G3 focus faster than the Galaxy S5.

In our full LG G3 review the camera impressed us, though like many smartphone cameras it isn’t as good as a dedicated camera. The LG G3 camera features optical image stabilization and modes to allow users to be in the photo using both cameras at the same time.

The Galaxy S6 camera should offer a 16Mp or 20MP sensor on the rear with optical image stabilization. We also expect a 5MP front-facing camera to help deliver sharper selfies. Samsung will likely include a camera app that can take wide-selfies and use both cameras so that a user can be in the photo that they take.


The LG G3 arrived with Android 4.44 KitKat, but it isn’t stuck on an old version. LG is working to roll out a LG G3 Android Lollipop release to many carriers with new features. LG adds a skin on top of Android that changes the look of the device and adds an easy mode, plus options to make using it with one-hand easier.

The Galaxy S6 will run Android Lollipop from day one, but it will not look like Android 5.0 on Nexus devices. Samsung puts a TouchWiz skin on top of Android that changes the look and feel, plus adds some features like Easy Mode and other apps. We expect to see Samsung scale back the changes it makes and the apps it loads on the Galaxy S6. It will likely still offer a wide array of apps, but many will be on the Samsung App store instead.


Expect Micro SD card support on the Galaxy S6, just like the LG G3 offers.

Expect Micro SD card support on the Galaxy S6, just like the LG G3 offers.

The LG G3 offers 32GB of storage to users and supports up to 128GB of storage with a Micro SD card. Rumors suggest Samsung will offer 32GB, 64GB and 128GB Galaxy S6 storage options. In addition to the storage options, expect to see a Micro SD card slot that supports up to 128GB of additional storage. U.S. carriers may not offer all three Galaxy S6 storage variants.


The LG G3 is available on all major U.S. carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and US Cellular. It is also an option on some smaller regional and pre-paid carriers.

The Sprint Galaxy S6 is confirmed.

The Sprint Galaxy S6 is confirmed.

We already know three major U.S. carriers will offer the Galaxy S6 including T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. All of these carriers confirmed this with sign up pages. Verizon and US Cellular don’t have pages up yet, but we expect that they will also offer the Galaxy S6 soon after the launch.

LG G3 vs Galaxy S6 Price

The LG G3 is $149 to $199 at many carrier stores, but Best Buy sells it for $1 on contract and it is a penny on contract at Amazon. This is a big discount, but not unheard of for the a phone that is almost a year old.

We expect the Galaxy S6 price of $199 on contract and a Galaxy S6 Edge price of $299 on contract. Count on carriers to push Jump, edge, Next and leasing plans this year with $0 down and monthly payments from $25 to $30. Check out more about what to expect from the Galaxy S6 price.

Google Wallet vs LoopPay

The LG G3 features NFC that means it works with Google Wallet to make mobile payments, as well as other payment options and NFC features. This works with almost any bank or credit card, but only at stores that support NFC payments.

Samsung just announced the acquisition of LoopPay. This is company that makes it possible to wirelessly send a magnetic card swipe to almost any cash register. This means it will work almost any place you shop and it works with a wide-array of banks, credit cards and gift cards.

Android vs iPhone: 14 Reasons Android is Still Better

More Choice with Android

More Choice with Android

Apple offers more choice than we've seen from them before with the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE as well as older models -- but you still only have three screen sizes and two designs to pick from. 

Android delivers more options with waterproof phones, different screen sizes, more colors, different materials and other differentiating factors. 

With Android smartphones users can choose a waterproof option like the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge or go with a modular design like the LG G5. 2017 brings newer designs and options.

There is also support for a huge screen with a built-in stylus with the Note 6. In addition to these big names, there are many other options from Motorola, Huawei and if you include last year's releases a number of other interesting options. 

There are also options to buy an Android phone with wireless charging or a replaceable battery, neither of which is available without adding a case to the iPhone.

Users can pick the phone size and design they want, and they can also pick a phone that offers a replaceable battery, a great camera or another feature without limiting to just two phones for the latest features and user experience.

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