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Madden 18 Pre-Order: 5 Reasons to Buy & 2 Reasons to Wait



Wait for More Madden 18 Info

Wait for More Madden 18 Info

EA is still keeping a lot of Madden 18 information under wraps. While normal gamers played the game at EA Play, there is no great gameplay footage yet that shows off what Madden 18 will look like when you are playing it. 

We've learned more about Longshot, the Story Mode, but there are still a lot of questions about how it will flow and what all you get to do in the game. 

We know a lot more about Madden 18 today than at the start of the year, but we still only have a teAs the summer progresses we will learn about new features and important new upgrades that the new Frostbite engine offers to gamers. If you want to know more about what you are buying, hold off until August before you decide. 

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