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17 Madden 18 Tips & Tricks



Madden 18 Defense Tips

You have the basics, and you know where to go to learn more about the skills you need to be a better Madden 18 player. Now, you need to learn how to get a better defense in Madden 18. Part of this is play calling and part of it is who you control and how you play.

How to Play Defense in Madden 18

You’ll want to watch this video that will walk you through all the Madden 18 defense tips that will get you caught up and ready to go for defense. This is a full run through with a very basic approach, that is perfect for beginners.

How to Stop the Run in Madden 18

In this video, you can see how you can stop the run game, which will give you a huge win over your opponent. The major thing that you need to do is pay attention to the personnel on the field. This will help you identify the run. If there are 2-3 tight ends, you don’t want to be in Nickel, Dime or similar setups.

When the offense picks a play, pay attention to if it is a run play setup. If it is, don’t pick those setups and instead focus on a 4-4 setup so that you can shut them down. 4-6 is another scheme you can use as well as 5-2.

Best Madden 18 Defense: Zone or Man?

Last year Zone Defense was optimal, allowing you to win more games by shutting things down, but this year you should check out Man Coverage. Madden Daily outlines the Cover 1 and which players you should try to control for a better chance at stopping the defense on runs and on passes.

How to Intercept Any Pass in Madden 18

You can get more interceptions in Madden 18 using these tips. When you are in the game, you should go into the settings and turn on the following settings that will help you out in getting setup for the INT.

  • Defensive Auto Strafe – ON
  • Defensive Ball Hawk – ON
  • Defensive Heat Seeker Assist – ON
  • Defensive Switch Assist – ON

This will help keep you in the right position and will simplify interceptions if you are someone who switches to the defender late in the play. You don’t need to adjust the lineup like this player is doing. You will want to press L2 or Left trigger to get your defender facing the ball. When the timing is right press Y or triangle to intercept the ball.

How to Strip The Ball in Madden 18

Stripping the ball is the same for Madden 18 as in Madden 17. You need to press RB or R1 to attempt to strip the ball from the QB or Running Back. This also works on receivers, but keep in mind it gives them more chance to get away instead of being tackles.

How to Win Tackle Battles

Tackle Battles happen in Madden 18 when you are on offense and defense. You will see a button appear on screen and you need to press it as soon as you see it. If you are on defense, a win stops the player and you get the tackle. If you are on offense you break the tackle and get more yards. This works the same as in Madden 17, but it is still an essential Madden 18 tip to win more games.

Best Madden 18 Blitzes

You’ll need to learn how to blitz in Madden 18 if you want a chance at winning. Watch out if you just want to send everyone, since you will more than likely give up the short pass and a lot of yards after the catch.

We found an impressive Madden 18 blitz that you’ll be able to use to dominate. King Wolf shares this setup, that requires you to pick a blitz and then make several adjustments before the snap, which will take some time to adjust to, but it will pay off.

You should also check out the Quick 4-man nano blitz that Madden School outlines here. This will

How to Block Field Goals & Punts in Madden 18

Blocking field goals in Madden 18 are the same as in Madden 17. The same with blocking punts. It’s easier than in Madden 16, but it’s still a challenge. Here is a look at how you can master this, and change the outcome of games.

Hold RT or R2 as soon as the snap happens and run in front of the kick. You can dive with X or jump with Y. It’s a challenge and you will fail a lot of the time, but when you get it just right it’s a great feeling.

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