17 Madden 18 Tips & Tricks

These Madden 18 tips and tricks will help you win more games and become a better player in Madden 18. You will learn the essential strategies to shut down the offense, unstoppable Madden 18 plays to rely on, how to get shut down the run, how to run back a touchdown and much more.

You can skip the Madden 18 manual, and learn how to use the new Madden 18 features, including how to strip the ball and strategies you can use to dominate in Madden Ultimate Team. These could help you play a part in the new Madden Tournament that promises a lot of prizes this year.

The Madden 18 tips you need to win more games.
The Madden 18 tips you need to win more games.

We’re relying on what we’ve learned as well as the tips from professional Madden 18 players who spend more time playing Madden 18 than you can imagine. It doesn’t matter which mode you spend most of your time playing Madden 18 in, we have you covered with tips and the strategies that will help you win more often. We can’t help you with trash talking, so you’ll need to practice that on your own. If you run into any issues while learning, check out our Madden 18 problems and fixes for help getting back into the game.

Use these Madden 18 tips and tricks as well as the best Madden 18 plays and budget MUT picks to get a head start on the competition.

How to Win More Online Games in Madden 18

Part of winning more Madden 18 games online is choosing the right team and the best playbooks. Both of these will help you win more games online. You also need to learn how the new gameplay works and spend some time on the basics.

  • Go to Skills Trainer – Spend time learning the new features and controls in Madden 18 and you’ll get some upgrades for MUT too.
  • Defense, Defense, Defense – We cover this in more detail, but you need to invest more in defense this year and watch out for mistakes.
  • Manage the Clock – Control the gameplay speed by running, and chew the clock to keep the game close — especially if playing a great opponent.
  • Build a Better Team & Scheme – Find the team that fits your play style, or build that team in MUT. There are some good starting teams above.
  • Stop Playing Madden 17 – You need to switch now and bring the skills that work, remember that you can’t rely on Aggressive Catch as much.

Once you find your team, you need the best Madden 18 playbooks to win more games. EricRayweather shares his top Madden 18 playbooks to win more games. He revommends;

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Houston Texans
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

You can choose the playbook on the start game screen, so you can pick the best team and the best playbook to fit your style. This will give you an edge on the competition.

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