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Madden 21 vs Madden 20: Exciting New Features



Face of the Franchise Upgrades

Face of the Franchise Upgrades

Face of the Franchise is back for Madden 21 and it's better than before. You create your own player and start off as a quarterback in high school. From here, you attempt to take your team to the State Championship, but watch out since you won't necessarily be the starter. 

From there you play in college with your choice of 10 different Division 1 schools. In Madden 21, you get to play two years of college football playoffs, so that you can try to win two NCAA Championships. You can also switch positions to try out your skills as a running back or a wide receiver. 

After you complete the NFL combine, you enter the NFL and you will see new storylines for Madden 21 and you can try to make it into the Hall of Fame. 

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