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Mehdoh for Windows Phone Review [Video]



My search for a Twitter client that has all the features I need has come down to a couple of choices. Mehdoh is one of those choices and so far seems to be the best for my needs. I purchased a handful of apps to test and showcased them in the video I did a couple of weeks ago.

Mehdoh is a feature packed Twitter client for Windows Phone 7 that rivals the popular clients available on iOS and Android. It offers many features missing from a lot of the other Windows Phone Twitter clients. Full featured image uploads, including choice of image hosting services. You can even pin your favorite Tweeps onto the home screen. Mehdoh is one of the 1st Windows Phone 7 Twitter clients that is optimized for Mango (WP7.5).

The main features I was looking for in a Twitter app are:

  • Works fast – Mehdoh loads very fast if you have a good data connection.
  • Has notifications to alert me when someone sends me a DM or mentions me with an @ reply. Mehdoh has toast notifications and an active live tile to let you know when you have been mentioned or when you’ve received a direct message. The only complaint I have is that the notifications are not like push notifications you get with Android and iOS. Mehdoh checks for these items once every 30 minutes and that time is not adjustable currently. I’d like to see an option to change that time.
  • Allows retweets to be edited prior to retweeting. I like to comment on tweets I retweet sometimes and Mehdoh allows you to edit and retweet or just retweet.

Mehdoh hits all 3 of these checks. There are other features I need too, but those are the main requirements I have and they are missing for many of the Twitter clients out there right now.

Have a look at this video overview of Mehdoh.

Mehdoh was recently updated to the current version (1.5). Many cool new features were added in this release:

  • Instapaper and Read It Later support (for tweets and links)
  • translate tweets (via Bing) +can now save images in tweets to your library (long press on the image *full version only)
  • hashtag autocomplete
  • view followers (yours and other peoples)
  • tweet counts added to profile page
  • new tweet counts on each pivot
  • added ability to compose tweet from search/trend results
  • now uses twitter account settings for SSL/non-SSL
  • extra hash tags for “now playing”
  • infinite scrolling on user profile timeline
  • option to disable toast notifications


Fast, feature rich, and only 99 cents? You can’t go wrong here. Mehdoh has all the features needed to rival some of the awesome clients offered with iOS and Android. There are only a few little tweaks I’d like to see, namely the ability to get the toast notifications more often. The author of Mehdoh is very active and seems to really care about making the app better with each update. I highly recommend this Twitter client.

Learn more about Mehdoh at or the Windows Phone Marketplace.




  1. zane

    11/29/2011 at 1:47 pm

    Picked it up…thanks so much for the review

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