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MLB The Show 16 vs MLB The Show 15: What’s New



What’s new in MLB The Show 16? Here is our look at MLB The Show 16 vs MLB The Show 15, to highlight what’s new and what you get if you upgrade to the new PS4 baseball game that arrives this week.

Year after year the Sony San Diego Studio delivers one of the most realistic and most exciting baseball games you can buy, and it is a PlayStation Exclusive. There are other baseball games, but rarely do they get as much attention as The Show.

As you look to buy the new baseball simulator for 2016, it’s a good idea to see what’s new in MLB The Show 16 and how it compares to MLB The Show 15 if you already own that version.

Learn what's new in MLB The Show 16.

Learn what’s new in MLB The Show 16.

With sport games, most users want to make sure that they are buying more than a roster update, and it looks like you will get more than a new list of players when you upgrade to the new game.

The bulk of this MLB The Show 16 vs MLB The Show 15 comparison will look at the PS4 versions of each game. Sony still offers a MLB The Show 16 PS3 edition at a discounted price, but you don’t get the same experience.

The MLB The Show 16 release date is March 29th on PS4 and PS3. You can buy various versions of the game with different in-game bonus items. This includes a MLB The Show 16 MVP Edition that includes more stubs, packs and extras. There is no MLB The Show 16 demo or beta available. We are seeing many pre-order bonuses and a few MLB The Show 16 deals that will help you save if you decide to buy the new version.

One new feature that we just learned about is that you can switch pitch with Pat Venditte in the The Show this year.

Here is how MLB The Show 16 and MLB The Show 15 compare in key areas, with a highlight of what’s new in MLB The Show for 2016.

MLB The Show 16 Gameplay Improvements

MLB The Show 16 Gameplay Improvements

At the core of this baseball experience is the actual gameplay. GameStop outlines 40 new MLB The Show 16 gameplay changes in the four-minute video below.

If you want to quickly see where the biggest changes are in the real gameplay from MLB The Show 15 to MLB The Show 16, watch this video. This will explain how the many changes to gameplay impact you, which will also flow into the new game modes.

Some of the most interesting new MLB The Show 16 gameplay features include;

  • Outfielders routes vary based on the direction, height and speed of the hit. This results in more over the head catches and more opportunities for extra base hits.
  • Out of Position Logic and Animation - When you play someone out of position their fielding skills take a 5% hit for fielding.
  •  New Presentation animations for home runs, on base animations and player - team specific post game animations.
  • 50 new "No Doubt" home run swings.
  • Over 400 new fielding, catching, double play, relay throws, force out and other animations.
  • Four new swing types
  • Three new running animations tied to athleticism.
  • Improved Pitcher vs Runner gameplay with two pickoff options. Quick Pick and Deceptive Pickoff.
  • New bunt logic and more bunt types to separate the best and the worst.
  • Revamped umpires with a bias type and accuracy type to deliver 12 different umps.
  • Precision input with better input from skilled players for pitching and hitting. If you are inaccurate, the issues will be bigger than ever.

The video rounds out with a collection of changes to help explain how this is a new game from MLB The Show 15.



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