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Moshi ClearGuard & iVisor Pro Review



Two MacBook accessories can protect your screen, reduce glare, protect your keyboard and help with spill protection while using the new 12-inch MacBook.

The Moshi iVisor Pro is an anti-glare screen protector that fits the MacBook perfectly and the Moshi ClearGuard is an incredibly thin keyboard cover for the MacBook.

Moshi sells the ClearGuard for $24.95 and the iVisor Pro for $34.95. You do not need to use the two accessories together, but that is possible.

Moshi iVisor Pro Review

The Moshi iVisor Pro makes working in harsh light easier.

The Moshi iVisor Pro makes working in harsh light easier.

The Moshi iVisor Pro is the best MacBook accessory I’ve used so far. With the anti-glare cover in place I can use the MacBook in a car much easier than before.

The design of the Moshi iVisor Pro doesn’t actually stick the protection to the sreeen, which makes installing it easy. The black edges of the iVisor Pro stick to the bezels of the MacBook screen. It is easy to adjust as needed when installing the screen protector.

Once installed the screen is noticeably easier to use outdoors or in a sunny room. I routinely use the MacBook in a car, and the iVisor Pro is a lifesaver. On top of keeping the screen safe and removing most of the glare I would see it also keeps the screen from blinding a driver.

I have not had to remove it yet, but you can remove it and wash it to remove any dirt or dust and then reapply it.

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Moshi Clearguard Review

The Moshi Clearguard is a thin MacBook keyboard cover that fits perfectly, looks nice and protects the keys from wear or spills.

The Moshi Clearguard is a thin and well fitting keyboard cover, but it isn't something I will use long term.

The Moshi Clearguard is a thin and well fitting keyboard cover, but it isn’t something I will use long term.

Overall this is a well made accessory that can add protection to the MacBook keys and also to the internals if you spill something on it, but it is not something I can use long term.

This is a very thin and well-fitting MacBook keyboard cover, but like any cover it does change the tactile feel of typing on the Macbook. The backlight works well through the cover and if you do get the cover dirty you can wash it.

This is already a shallow keyboard, and with the cover in place I find that I need to type a little harder. This combination makes longer typing sessions less comfortable than not using one.

Users who need protection from spills, paint, or other materials will enjoy what this keyboard has to offer, but it is not an accessory that I will use everyday.

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Moshi Muse for MacBook

Moshi Muse for MacBook

When you need a small 2016 MacBook sleeve to hold your new MacBook and the collection of adapters that you need to get work done the Moshi Muse for MacBook is an excellent option.

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This case features a stay tight design that keeps your MacBook in the sleeve without velcro or zippers and the microfiber interior protects the finish of your notebook while also wiping fingerprints off the finish. An outer pocket allows users to slide in a few small adapters so you have what you need to get work done.

$44.95 at Moshi and available at the Apple Store.

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