Motorola Droid 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Update Roll Out Imminent?

Motorola has promised a Q3 roll out window for the the Motorola Droid 4 Ice Cream Sandwich update roll out and looks like Motorola and Verizon may be sticking to that plan.

Originally, Motorola said that the Droid 4 ICS roll out would take place sometime in Q3. That means that is slated the update for some point during the months of July, August and September.

And now, it appears that the update is on the verge of rolling out as a soak test for an unnamed update is set to begin according to Droid-Life and it looks like the update may be the Droid 4 Ice Cream Sandwich roll out.


The Motorola Droid 4 ICS update could be close.

There is no confirmation yet but signs, which include the soak test and the fact that a Motorola forums manager visited a Droid 4 ICS waiting room reminding owners to sign up to be a part of the soak test.

So, as of right now, it looks like a soak test could be for the Ice Cream Sandwich update which means that a roll out could take place in the next couple of days if the software is deemed worthy of release.

If bugs are found, then the software could be delayed a bit while Motorola gets things sorted out. If all goes well though, and it likely will, owners of the Droid 4 should see the update sometime this week.

The Droid 4 ICS update will bring all of the goodness of Android 4.0 but it likely will also bring a number of bug fixes and enhancements as well which should help to better the experience on the Droid 4.

So, it looks like something might be taking place soon and we’ll definitely keep an eye out for an official roll out.