Motorola Reveals Long Wait for Android 4.0 Updates

Many of you have been waiting for Motorola to dish out information about its plans for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Today, the company updated its software upgrade news page, and well, the news is probably not going to be the news that many of you wanted to hear as the manufacturer has revealed extremely long wait times for some devices while not providing any sort of window at all for others.

The news comes just a few days after we wrote two scathing posts aimed at HTC and Motorola in regards to the lack of information in regards to the Android 4.0 update for the HTC ThunderBolt and Motorola Droid Bionic.

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Motorola Reveals Long Wait for Android 4.0 Updates

Own a Xyboard tablet? You won't see Android 4.0 for awhile.

As of right now, there is only one Motorola device on the list that has seen the Android 4.0 update and that’s the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi edition which saw the update arrive a few weeks ago.

The rest of the devices have vague release windows.

Going down the list of U.S. devices we see that the MOTOROLA XOOM Family Edition will see the update in Q2 while the Motorola Photon 4G, ATRIX 4G MB860, XYBOARD 8.2 and XYBOARD 10.1 will see the update arrive sometime in Q3 of this year.

This means that the soonest those of you with those devices will see the update will be April.

As for the rest of Motorola’s devices like the Droid 4, Droid RAZR MAXX, Droid RAZR, and Droid Bionic, the company says that details will be following in the future. No elaboration, no information.

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Those of you with those devices can now do one of two things.

The first option is to get frustrated and lash out at Motorola. (Remember, I’m only angry about the lack of information for the Droid Bionic. Motorola has explained why the update process is so slow and vague and it’s understandable.)

Or, you can take the high road and practice some patience.

Either way, many of you have quite the wait ahead of you.