Moving from Android to Windows Phone 7 Part 5: HTC Titan Software Tour

This experiment is winding down. I have been able to go an entire week using the HTC Titan running Windows Phone exclusively. Sure, I have missed some things about my Motorola Atrix, but I have made it. Could I continue to use Windows Phone for good? Sure. Anyone could unless they are tied down to some apps that they absolutely can not do without. Windows Phone, iOS (iPhone), and Android are all very good mobile OSes. They all have their pros and cons, but for the most part, there is not many things that one can do that the other can’t. All 3 are quite capable for the average consumer.

Will I continue using Windows Phone as my daily driver? That’s undecided at this point. The HTC Titan is a sexy beast and I don’t know that I want to lay it down, but new phones come and go. As a reformed fanboy, I find it’s my duty to continue to pick a phone that works well for me, regardless of which OS it runs. If every app out there was available on all 3 OSes, there would be zero problems with me going back and forth daily or weekly.

SCREENSHOTS! Let me rant about screenshots again. Please? Thanks. MICROSOFT PLEASE LISTEN UP.

This week, on a private mailing list full of fired Windows Phone/Mobile MVPs, there is a good conversation going about the ability to grab screenshots on Windows Phone.  I brought this up at the Windows Phone Ambassador event prior to the initial Windows Phone 7 launch. Apparently it was brought up even earlier by MVPs as well. The answer was typical Microsoft PR jargon. I am sure this wasn’t something high on Microsoft’s list, but really, how hard can this be to pull off? I heard the excuse that Android doesn’t have this ability either. True. I can buy that, but not anymore. Some OEMs are starting to add this ability themselves.

Does the average user care that they can’t grab screenshots? Probably not. Still, I hate that we’re having to go through hoops to show how beautiful this OS is. As long as I can remember, Apple has had his in iOS. Look around and see how many uses people have for taking screenshots on their iPhones. Showcasing apps in reviews, showing how stupid some people are in text messages, sharing just about anything their iPhone can display.

Volume control?

Another topic being discussed is the lack of volume control separation. I want to be able to turn down my media volume but not my ringer. Let’s say I am playing Full House Poker and I turn the volume way down to avoid bothering those around me and I forget to turn it back up when I am done. I get a call 30 minutes later and I miss it because my volume was set way down. Android allows you to independently control the media volume and the ring volume, why can’t Windows Phone?

Well enough complaining, let me share a 20+ minute walk through video I did of the HTC Titan and Windows Phone.

A note about battery life. I have been experiencing decent battery life with the HTC Titan. After a 10 hour work day, I am getting home with about 20-30% battery life remaining.

Stay tuned for my complete review of my unlocked HTC Titan in the coming week.

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I want to thank HTC  for providing the review unit that I will be using for this adventure. This HTC Titan is an overseas model and not the version that will be available in the US on November 20th, 2011.