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NBA 2K17 Badges: What They Are & Why They Matter

Atop the throne of NBA 2K17 – and really, every recent NBA 2K game – sits MyCareer. Conceived as a way convey the drama of being a real ball player, the mode is at the core of most of the game’s experiences. NBA 2K17 includes a lot of changes for MyCareer. There’s a new story to experience and new mechanics to learn about. There’s also new NBA 2K17 badges to earn.

NBA 2K17 badges are like trait markers. Players unlock each Badge by completing the task in their description. Once unlocked, some badges can have a big impact on MyPlayer, the custom character that players create in the game for MyCareer. Different types of Badges have different effects too. For example, Personality NBA 2K17 Badges can alter the MyPlayer’s character and have a big impact on the MyCareer story as a whole.

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Information about NBA 2K17 Badges is still coming in, but we already know a ton about the new line-up.

Why NBA 2K17 Badges Are Important

Badges are important because MyCareer is important. Really, the equation is that simple. MyCareer is how people get invested in each year’s game. Your character is your representation in the simulation. Having complete control over his skill set is necessary and essential. NBA 2K17’s Skill Badges and Personality Badges let you make your character that much more like you – or at least more like what you want him to be like.

NBA 2K17 The Prelude (5)

The Badges play into the position and type of player you’ve created. You don’t choose Badges necessarily, you earn them based on your habits on and off the court. The basic versions of each Badge are awarded by your MyPlayer’s habits but the upgrades to those badges are unlocked using the game’s Virtual Currency.

Skill NBA 2K17 Badges

The different Skill Badges effect your character in lots of different ways. There are tons of them, divided up into up into what type of advantages your MyPlayer has at his disposal.

Inside Scorer

Acrobat Attempts difficult shots without issue and changes arcs.
Tear Dropper Excels at successful floaters and runners.
Putback King Known to score immediately off offensive rebounds.
Pick & Roller Excels and rollers and pick-ups. (With the ball, call for a screen 100 times in a season.)
Relentless Finisher Takes physical punishment on contact shots near the rim without impacting energy.
Post Spin Technician Dominates post with spin and drive moves. (Spin or drive out of the post 100 times.)
Drop-Stepper Known for his ability to use the drop step move to his advantage in the post.
Dream-Like Up & Under Excels at scoring in the post with up & under moves. (In a single season, attempt 60 up and under shots out of the post.)

Outside Scorer

Corner Specialist Known for his ability to knock down three point shots from the corners.
Mid-Range Deadeye Knocks down shots from medium-range at a very high success rate.
Deep Range Deadeye Knocks down shots from deep range at a very high rate.
Limitless Range Knock down deep three-point shots more than the average player.
Difficult Shots Makes a habit of successful shots after dribbling.
Pick & Popper Excels as a pick and pop receiver.
Tireless Scorer A player who can spend a good deal of energy without losing effectiveness when trying to score.
Catch & Shoot Hits stand-still shots off the catch at high percentage.


Ankle Breaker Causes stumbles or falls with ball-handling and dribble moves.
Flashy Passer Likes to show off when passing.
Break Starter Starts fast breaks with accurate outlet passes.
Pick & Roll Maestro Throws accurate passes and hits shots off screens at a high percentage.
Lob City Passer Successfully uses the alley-oop pass a lot.
Dimer Successfully passing to team mates in a great position to put points on the board.


Lob City Finisher Finishes alley-oop at high rate.
Posterizer Succeeds at dunking on defenders at a high-rate.
Bruiser Physical nature of drains energy from match-up.
Brick Wall Highly effective screens.
One Man Fast Break Excels at taking the ball coast to coast on a fast break.


Hustle Rebounder Highly successful rebounder.


Defensive Stopper While playing defense, this payer drops various offensive skills.
Charge Card Successfully wins charge calls more than the average player.
Pick Dodger Player that gets around most screens.
Pick Pocket Snatches the ball often.
Rim Protector Successful blocks rim shots often.
Chase Down Artist Great transition shot blocker.



Personality NBA 2K17 Badges

These Personality Badges in NBA 2K17 change the way your MyPlayer behaves on the court.

Alpha Dog Team Leader who takes it upon himself to lead his team to victory.
Clutch Performer Steps his game up in a big games and big moments.
Wildcard A player who can be wildly inconsistent.
Spark Plug Comes off the bench or comes out of timeouts making big plays that can energize his teammates. (Score an average of 7 points per game coming off the bench in a 6 game streak.)
Enforcer Can wreak havoc on the floor with tough and physical play. (Get 10 non-flagrant, hard fouls in a season.)
Floor General An offensive leader who can help his teammates play better on offense when he’s on the floor. (Average 5 career assists for 30 games in a season. Must have a Playmaker level of 18.)
Hardened Will play through fatigue and injury without experiencing a severe drop in skill. (Average 80% shot success rate for 20 games. Durability must be at 90. Power Forward and Center must have Stamina at 85.)
Defensive Anchor Defensive leader who helps his teammates perform better defensively. (Play in at least 30 season games. Have a Playmaker level of 18.)
Championship DNA Can quickly see where double teams are. Good play in Playoff moments.
Microwave A player who heats up quicker than most. (Get hot on offense during 5 games in the season.)

The main set of Personality Badges in NBA 2K17 effect how your MyPlayer performs in games. Another set determines how he performs during situations that aren’t necessarily on the court.

Friendly Well-liked player.
Reserved More introspective player.
Legendary Work Ethic Works hard at practice consistently.
All-Time Great Wants to be remembered as the greatest player ever. (In at least 15 consecutive games, divide field goal attempts by assists. If the FGA ration is higher when compared to Assists, All-Time Great is rewarded. PG: 4 to 1 ratio. SG: 4.5 to 1 ratio. SF: 5 to 1 ratio. PF: 8 to 1 ratio. C: 8 to 1 ratio.
Low Ego Values team success more than personal fame. (In at least 15 consecutive games, divide field goal attempts by assists. If the FGA ration is lower when compared to Assists, All-Time Great is rewarded. PG: 2 to 1 ratio. SG: 2.5 to 1 ratio. SF: 3 to 1 ratio. PF: 6 to 1 ratio. C: 6 to 1 ratio.
High Work Ethic Works harder than the typical NBA player.
Legendary Work Ethic Always at the gym.
Keep it Real Responds to tough love.
Pat My Back Responds best when encouraged.
Expressive Shares his feelings.
Unpredictable Has erratic behavior.
Laid Back Chill and low intensity.

Good luck snagging the player Badges that interest you the most. Gotta Be Mobile will add more to this breakdown of NBA 2K17 badges as that information becomes available.

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