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Noon Notebook News: LG Optimus V Review, iPad Keyboard Adoption and Eye Fi Tips



Over at this morning we found a collection of interesting news and shared a review of a Android smartphone that doesn’t require a contract and has plans starting at $25 a month.

First up is our full review of the LG Optimus V from Virign Mobile. This Android smartphone is available for $149.99 without a contract and has a Unlimited data and texting plan that starts at $25 a month and includes 300 minutes of calling. If you need more, you can bump up to the higher calling plans which top out at $60 a month for unlimited web, text and calling.

We found that the LG Optimus V is a very capable Android smartphone and is available at a budget price. It may not be the best fir for early adopters who want the latest and fastest phones, but it is able to handle the needs of most smartphone users and do so without the price premium you normally get with a smart phone. Check out our LG Optimus Review for all the details and a look at how the Optimus V handles Angry Birds, Reading on the Kindle app and more.

We also found out that less than 20% of iPad owners have picked up an external keyboard, which points to the lack of interest in a keyboard when there is a nice touch interface available.

If you have an Eye Fi SD card, one that connects to WiFi to wirelessly upload your pictures and videos, check out our 5 Tips and Tricks for Getting the most out of your Eye Fi card before you go out to take pictures again.

Also, Lenovo and Intel announced that the companies have teamed up to offer the Lenovo Classmate+ netbook powered by an Intel Atom  processor and loaded with Intel learning software to help kids in K-8 learn better in distance learning settings.

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