OnePlus 2 Release: What Buyers Need to Know
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OnePlus 2 Release: What Buyers Need to Know



Invite System

Invite System

Just like last year, you can't just simply buy the OnePlus 2. That would be too easy. Instead, users needed to sign up for an invite, which went live last month. That list is now over 2 million names long. Meaning if you don't have an invite yet, you'll have to buy an overpriced OnePlus 2 online, or get an invite from a friend or someone on Facebook or Twitter.

You'll need an invite before you can buy one, rather than just going to the company website and clicking "Buy" and checking out. However, those who do have an invite will be able to share multiple invites with friends and family after they purchase the OnePlus 2. This means that if you know anyone that bought one, try and get an invite now, otherwise you could be waiting a few months before getting this phone in your hands.

By then the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Moto X Pure Edition and more will all be available.

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