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OnePlus 5T vs Galaxy S8: What You Need to Know



OnePlus 5T vs Galaxy S8: Design

OnePlus 5T vs Galaxy S8: Design

The OnePlus 5T features a premium matte black or silver all-metal frame that feels premium, just like the original. Basically, it feels like an $800-$900 phone, but costs far less. 

The biggest design change on the OnePlus 5T, aside from the screen, is the fingerprint scanner. With a big screen and small bezels, there's no room for it on the front. So, just like Samsung, you'll find it on the back of the phone. That said, it's in a better spot than the Galaxy S8, which is next to the camera. OnePlus puts it right in the middle where it's easy to reach.

On the flip side, the Galaxy S8 is glass on both the front and the back, so it's more prone to damage and we recommend using a case. The rest of the phone is all metal, similar to OnePlus, so this one is a tie.

A lot of people feel like OnePlus phones look too much like an iPhone, so keep that in mind before you buy one. If that doesn't bother you, then enjoy it for half the price of an iPhone.

It's all a personal preference at the end of the day. Both look and feel great, and are made from some of the best materials around. Another thing to consider is the Galaxy S8 is IP68 dust and water resistant. It can go under 5ft of water for 30 minutes and work just fine. OnePlus can handle a light splash but that's about it. 

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