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OnePlus 7 Release Date, Leaks, News & Rumors



With the OnePlus 7 release date quickly approaching, news and rumors are starting to emerge more each day. Now we’re hearing they’ll release two phones to try and take on the Galaxy S10 and upcoming iPhone 11. With that in mind, here’s all the latest OnePlus 7 news, rumors, leaks, renders and release details for excited buyers. Including talk of a second bigger OnePlus 7 Pro.

The OnePlus 6T was one of our favorite phones of 2018, and its successor(s) in 2019 will be even better. Sporting a bigger truly bezel-free display, pop-up selfie camera, and triple cameras on the back, it’s poised to be one of the best devices of the year.

The OP7 could come in fancy new color gradients, Pro model

If you’re asking yourself “when does the OnePlus 7 come out?”, “should I wait for the OnePlus 7?” or are wondering how much cheaper it’ll be compared to the Galaxy S10 we have you covered.

  • OnePlus 7 Release Date: RumoredMay 14th Release Date (Early May launch event)
  • What is the OnePlus 7?: The company’s latest high-end phone with an affordable price
  • What to expect: Regular OnePlus 7, then a bigger truly bezel-free display (no notch or hole), triple rear cameras, in-display fingerprint sensor (2-3 different phones in 2019)
  • OnePlus 7 Price: Anywhere from $499-$649 depending on the model

Now that you know a few of the basics and we’ve answered some important questions, here’s all the rest of the nitty-gritty details.

OnePlus 7 Release Date

First things first, the wait for OnePlus’ new phone is almost over. Unfortunately, each year the release date changed a bit so we don’t have a concrete roadmap to follow. That said, we believe this phone will get announced around the end of April and be available to buy a few weeks later.

In fact, new information from trusted leaker Ishan Argarwal suggests the OnePlus 7 release date is May 14th. That’s the day you can buy it, which means the launch event is any day now. And with OnePlus own CEO teasing the launch, it’s only a matter of time.

We’ve seen several OP phones arrive in May, so this information lines up with previous years. Although if they add 5G to the OP7 the launch could see a slight delay. Plus, we just saw a price drop for the OnePlus 6T, potentially signaling a release of the seven.

OnePlus 7 Leaks & Rumors

News and rumors about this phone are all over the place. Part of the problem is we’ve received several leaked photos showing two completely different styles. Originally, we thought the OnePlus 7 would feature a sliding design, where the front face slides down to reveal a front-facing camera behind the screen. However, now we’re fairly certain the company will take a different approach.

For the first time in OnePlus’ short history, they’ll release two phones at the same time. Leaks suggest a smaller 6.1 or 6.2-inch OnePlus 7 with a small teardrop notch. A device very similar to the OnePlus 6T. However, then, they’ll also release a bigger better OnePlus 7 Pro with no notch at all. A truly bezel-free screen like the device in most of these images.

Instead of a notch like Apple and a camera cutout in the screen like Samsung, the OnePlus 7 will feature a truly bezel-free screen and a pop up front-facing camera. Yes, a little mechanical motor pops the camera up, quickly, when you’re ready to take a selfie or use Snapchat.

Personally, I think this is a great idea. I’d much rather have a popup camera than a hole in my screen, as long as the popup is fast and doesn’t break over time. Plus, a lot of people never use the front camera, so this benefits them too. Then, reports point to enhanced triple cameras, a new processor, 8-10GB of RAM, or even 12GB, an improved and even faster in-display fingerprint sensor, 5G support, and a bigger 6.5-inch bezel-free screen.

We’re also anticipating the biggest battery ever in a OnePlus phone, faster charging, Android 9 Pie, support for the Android Q beta and more. Unfortunately though, it looks like the phone will not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, no wireless charging, and still won’t offer an IP water-resistant rating.

Adding fuel to the leaks and rumors is a big OnePlus 6T price drop. Suggesting the OnePlus 7 will be here sooner rather than later.

OnePlus 7 Pro Rumors

For months we’ve been saying OnePlus would release two different versions of the OnePlus 7 this year to better compete with Samsung and Apple. And we’re not talking about the OnePlus 7T later this year. That’s a different launch entirely and still coming this fall. However, along with the 7 we could get a bigger or slightly different OnePlus 7 Pro and new leaks suggest exactly that.

The OnePlus 7 Pro isn’t just a bigger screen either. It’s reportedly a Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. Something even the Galaxy S10+ doesn’t offer.

It looks like the company could release a regular OnePlus 7, then an even bigger 6.4 or 6.6-inch OnePlus 7 Pro with a huge bezel-free screen, curved edges like Galaxy phones, pop-up selfie camera, and an even more powerful 48MP camera on the back to complete the trio of rear cameras.

If the image above is real, the phone will sport a curved display similar to Samsung’s Galaxy phones, more so than the curve on other OnePlus phones, and some powerful internals similar to the Galaxy S10+. Plus, this image of a retail box confirms the “Pro” moniker and a new “Go Beyond Speed” tagline.

Leaked image by Ishan Agarwal

This means we could actually see a OP7, the OnePlus 7 Pro, and a 5G variant within the next few months. That’s all before the inevitable OnePlus 7T later this year, too.

OnePlus 7 Specs & Features

Obviously, it’s still too early to know exactly what’s coming but we’re starting to get a pretty good idea. OnePlus follows a similar upgrade path as Samsung, Google and others, so we’re fairly confident in most of the information below.

OnePlus 7 Specs (Rumored)

  • 6.4-inch 2440 x 1080p Full HD Optic AMOLED Display (curved edges, no bezels) (or smaller, then a bigger Quad-HD Pro model)
  • Snapdragon 855 Processor with 8-10GB of RAM, or more
  • 128 or 256GB of storage, no microSD slot
  • Triple 16MP + 16MP + 20MP Rear Camera setup (f/1.7 aperture, OIS, EIS, 4K) Dual optical image stabilization (on two of the 3)
  • 20 Megapixel f/2.0 Front-facing Pop-up Selfie Camera
  • Android 9 Pie with Oxygen OS 9
  • Screen Fingerprint Unlock with a new ultrasonic sensor (like the Galaxy S10)
  • 4,000 mAh battery with Super Fast 30w Warp Charging
  • Splash-Resistance
  • BT 5.0, NFC, 4G LTE, alert slider, NO 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 5G Technology and more

Again, this is purely speculative but it’s very realistic given OnePlus’ past device releases, what’s currently available, and what rumors suggest. The only potential changes are the screen size and resolution, how much RAM the phone has, battery size, and the camera MP ratings might vary. Either way, this is one premium, fast, and high-end phone with all the bells and whistles. The OnePlus 7 will give the Galaxy S10 a serious run for its money.

Then, the Pro model could have a slightly bigger screen (or just a curved screen) not to mention more RAM and internal storage, and better rear cameras.

OnePlus 7 Cameras

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting new feature aside from the bezel-free display will be the new triple camera setup on the back. One of the only downsides to every OP phone is the camera. And, with all of the competition offering two, three, or even four rear cameras, OnePlus will finally add a 3rd camera and hopefully further bridge the gap between its camera and the likes of Samsung or Google.

  • Triple 16MP + 16MP + 20MP Rear Camera setup (f/1.7 aperture, OIS, EIS, 4K) Dual optical image stabilization (on two of the 3)
  • 20 Megapixel f/2.0 Front-facing Pop-up Selfie Camera

The last several phones from the company packed dual cameras on the back, but in different configurations. One year it was a depth camera for gathering more information, and one year it actually had a different megapixel rating and focal length. This year we believe OnePlus will do something similar to Samsung and offer a regular camera, wide-angle, and a telephoto lens. The best of all three worlds.

Then, offer the same 20MP front-facing camera they’ve used for years in that pop-up mechanical part. However, there’s a good chance this means the company’s fast face unlock feature is going away.

One rumor even suggested they’ll add a 48MP sensor to one of those three rear cameras on the Pro model.

OnePlus 7 Price

Here’s where things get interesting, exciting, and is what makes this company so wildly successful. They offer some of the best Android phones money can buy for hundreds less than the competition. Everything you’ve seen and heard here will likely cost around $579 or $599, which is far cheaper than the Galaxy S10. And realistically, the comparison should be against the $999 Galaxy S10+, which makes the OnePlus 7 nearly 50% cheaper than the closest competition.

OnePlus 7 pricing will look like this

However, now that we’re hearing they’ll offer a smaller OnePlus 7 and a bigger 7 Pro with a fancy screen, the pricing structure from previous years could go out the window. If leaks are accurate, I believe the smaller OnePlus 7 will start at $499, while the bigger high-end model will start at $599 or $649. Either way, we’ll know for sure in just a few more weeks.

Then, they’ll still likely offer different storage and RAM configurations and different price points. Still, the most expensive model will end up being substantially cheaper than the Galaxy S10+.

That’s just one of several reasons you should probably wait for this new OnePlus phone.

Other OnePlus 7 Details, News & Rumors

This is about everything we know so far. There are a few other rumors floating around but nothing is certain, set in stone, or remotely confirmed. Surprisingly this phone hasn’t leaked all that much. Once the CEO makes his announcement, the excitement will really pick up.

For now, look out for more leaks, rumors and images in the coming days and weeks. Then, expect some sort of announcement within the next week or so confirming the launch event. Once that happens we’ll share all the latest information right here.

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