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34 PC Fallout 4 Mods You Should Try Right Now



More Power Armor Paint

More Power Armor Paint

More Power Armor Paint is a pretty straightforward Fallout 4 mod. Like its name suggests, it delivers some more options to the game's popular armor. There is a bonus though. 

If you decide to download and use the paint options, you'll notice that each comes with +20 energy resistance. That could come in handy as you traverse the map. There are also some unique bonuses. Here's how it all breaks down.


Urban   -   Energy Resistance +20

Woodland   -   Energy Resistance +20

Navy   -   Energy Resistance +20

Desert   -   Energy Resistance +20

Caution   -    Energy Resistance +20

Black   -    Energy Resistance +20, Better stealth in darkness

Worn Military   -   Strength +1 with all pieces painted (Can be combined with vanilla Military for same bonus)

X01 Only:

Winterized - Energy Resistance +20

T51 Only:

No Material Mod - Changed to remove the Strange Green on the arms and torso

Raw Metal - No bonus, same as no material mod except it adds a rusty finish

If you want to change up your Power Armor, this mod is an outstanding choice.

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