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34 PC Fallout 4 Mods You Should Try Right Now



Enhanced Blood Textures Basic

Enhanced Blood Textures Basic

This is a classic Fallout 4 mod and one that's worthy of a download if you want to increase the amount of gore in your game. 

Enhanced Blood Textures Basic enhances the look and feel of the blood that comes from the enemies you battle around the Commonwealth. 

- Replaces combat blood splatter, screen blood, and decapitation spurts

- Increased blood amount. All hits and decapitation effects will now cause more blood stains

- New wounds: blunt, bladed, claws, unarmed, and energy weapons

- Improved vanilla hand placed blood decals

- Increased screen blood size with shorter duration

- Fix bloodstain creature glitch

If you can stomach it, its highly recommended. You can get a taste of the additional violence in the walkthrough video below.

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