Pinterest for Android Finally Hits Android Phones & Tablets

Pinterest for Android is finally available in the Google Play store for most Android smartphones and tablets, including the Nexus 7.

After a slew of fake ad-pushing Pinterest for Android fakes, and more than a year of waiting since the Pinterest iPhone app, Android users can now pin with reckless abandon.

Pinterest is a free service that allows users to Pin information to their boards, which share recipes, fashion, tech and much more out to social networks like Facebook. The previously invite-only service is now open to all users and all devices. The Pinterest service

Like Instagram, the Pinterest Android app is a long time coming, and another example of the long wait Android owners face before using popular apps and services.

Pinterest for Android
Pinterest for Android runs on phones and tablets.

The Pinterest Android app is built from the ground up, and optimized to run on Android tablets and phones. This means users can enjoy a better experience than just using the Pinterest website in a browser. The app scales up nicely on the Nexus 7 instead of stretching to obscene levels like some phone apps.

Pinterest says they’ve tested and designed the new Android app to work, “well on Android phones and tablets, regardless of your device’s cost, speed or screen size.”

Pinterest for Android Screenshots

The Pinterest Android app is a free download in the Google Play store. Pinterest promises that it will hit the Amazon App Store later this week, allowing Kindle Fire owners to use Pinterest. No word on when it may arrive in the Nook App Store.

Pinterest Apps
Pinterest is available on all major mobile platforms.

The Pinterest for Android app joins the iPhone app and a new Pinterest iPad app. The new iPhone app includes a two column layout so users can see more pins at once, and faster scrolling.

The new Pinterest iPad app shows off four columns of pins and swipe gestures to make it easier to get back to pinning and browsing. The iPad and iPhone apps remain free.

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  1. Hot Candy (@hotcandy201314)

    08/31/2012 at 6:22 pm

    Pinterest users can enjoy a better experience than just website in a browser. pinterest now is available for tablet and smartphone.


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