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Pixel Tablet Release Date: Tips & Tricks



Google’s Pixel Tablet release date is inching closer and there are some steps potential buyers should take before the new slate lands on shelves.

Last year, Google confirmed a new Pixel Tablet and the company said it would release the device sometime this year. We don’t have an official release date yet, but we should get one soon.

Google is expected to fully launch the Pixel Tablet at Google I/O in May. It’s there that we expect to learn more about its features, software and yes, it’s official release date.

As of right now, the expectation is the device will go on sale in either May or June ahead of an official release in June. That means we only have a few weeks to go before the Pixel Tablet is available to purchase.

If you’re in the hunt for a new tablet and you’re interested in the Pixel Tablet, there are some things you might want to do to prepare for its arrival.

In this guide we’ll take you through some tips that will help you ahead of its release date.

Track Pixel Tablet Rumors

First, as we wait for Google’s announcements, you’ll want to keep tabs on the Pixel Tablet rumor mill. This will help you set proper expectations regarding its features and release date.

We’ve seen a number of rumors emerge, most recently in a report from 9to5Google, and they’ve outlined everything from its processor and RAM to its design qualities.

Early information like this is useful to those of you who want to buy a new tablet in the immediate future because it will help you decide if the device is worth waiting for.

Watch Google I/O

This almost goes without saying, but if you’re even remotely interested in buying Google’s Pixel Tablet, you’ll want to watch the Google I/O livestream on May 10th.

Again, we expect Google to take us through the most important things to know about the Pixel Tablet including any pre-orders and its official release date.

Get Familiar with Android

Google’s Pixel series is renowned for its clean Android software. They run the purest form of Android which many people prefer over the skins from other Android OEM’s.

We expect the Pixel Tablet to run Android 13 out of the box. Android 14 is still in early beta and it won’t hit Pixel devices until the fall.

Learning about Google’s version of Android will be important, especially if you’re planning to move to the Pixel Tablet from another type of Android tablet or an iPad.

Decide How Much Storage You Need

We’ve heard the Pixel Tablet will come in two storage sizes: 128GB and 256GB.

Use this time to get a feel for how much storage you might need. Some of you will be fine with the 128GB variant, but others may want the peace of mind that comes with having more space available.

Think About Which Color You Want

It looks like Google will launch four color options. We already know about two of them, but the other two remain in the shadows.

Google already showed us two Pixel Tablet colors. One is green with a black bezel and the other is a beige/white color with a white bezel.

Figure out which one you think would look best so you don’t wind up with buyers remorse.

Look at Pixel Tablet Alternatives

Before you decide to wait for the Pixel Tablet release date, make sure you shop around starting with the Android tablets on the market right now.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra are three excellent Pixel Tablet alternatives and we recommend going hands-on with them if you can.

You may also want to consider the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 series, the Galaxy Tab A 8.4, and the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. The latter two are budget models.

As for other potential alternatives, here are a few that should be on your list:

Make a Plan for Your Current Tablet

Start thinking about what you want to do with your current tablet, if you have one.

If you plan on selling your current device to help offset the cost of your new Pixel Tablet, you’ll want to track resale prices at popular resellers.

You’ll also want to keep your current tablet in good condition because that’s how you’ll get the most money back from some resellers when Pixel Tablet trade-in offers emerge.

If you don’t want or need to trade your current tablet in, you might know of a friend or relative who could benefit from your device. Ask around and see if anyone might need a hand-me-down in the near future. You may also want to look into donating it.

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