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Pokémon GO Gets Legendary Raikou, Entei & Suicune



Pokémon GO players can visit Gyms in search of three new Legendary creatures to add to their collection today. Raikou, Entei and Suicune are now available in the game for iPhone and Android.

Niantic revealed it was adding three new Pokémon GO Legendary creatures in a recent blog post. In the Pokémon franchise, legendary Pokémon are the most powerful monsters you can add to your collection. They usually have rarer elemental powers and lots of stamina, which is why they’re great for battles that more common Pokémon can’t survive without fainting.

Raikou, Entei & Suicune are available in some areas until September 30th, the developer confirms. That’s how long players have to catch them and add them to their collection. After a month, Niantic will switch their locations and give other Trainers a chance to capture them. A player’s location determines which of them are available to them today.

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Raikou is roaming North America and South America now. Entei is in Europe and Africa only, and Asia has Suicune. Niantic will switch their regions on September 30th and again October 31st.

To capture one of these creatures, players should visit Gyms in their area often, as that’s where they appear. They don’t roam neighborhoods and parks as almost all the other Pokémon in the game do. Anyone with a big interest in EX Raid Battles should definitely do what they can to claim at least one of these creatures. EX Raid Battles start testing soon, and winning them requires a pretty strong line-up of Pokémon, according to Niantic.

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When Pokémon GO launched in 2016, it didn’t offer any Legendary creatures at all. Over the summer, Niantic has had new Pokémon GO legendary news to share every few weeks. Besides Raikou, Entei and Suicune, players recently got the chance to capture Lugia, Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. They are the three legendary Pokémon from the first generation of Pokémon games.

Originally, it looked like Niantic pulled them from the game to add these new legendary creatures, but that hasn’t happened yet, allegedly. Some players report still encountering them in the wild.

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