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Pokémon GO Legendary Raids Extended 



Pokémon GO Legendary Raids will continue for another two weeks. And, gamers can try their hand at catching one of the most powerful creatures to ever feature in a Pokémon game or movie with new Exclusive Raid Battles soon.

Niantic, Pokémon GO’s developer, said it would extend Pokémon GO Legendary Raids on August 14th on the Pokémon GO Blog. It also revealed the new Exclusive Raids system. The game lets players collect and battle their favorite creatures from the franchise’s television shows and movies. Until recently, it was impossible to find any legendary creatures in the game at all.

Pokémon GO Legendary Raids let gamers in the same area team up to battle dangerous creatures. Niantic says that Legendary Raids will continue until August 31st, giving players nearly three weeks to add four must-have flying Pokémon to their collection. Originally, players would have lost any chance to catch Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia on August 14th.

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Niantic’s second announcement today caught a lot of gamers by surprise. Raids arrived earlier this summer as a way to encourage cooperative play. Before they launched, setting lures and hanging out at PokeStops was the only thing that Pokémon GO players could do together.

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The new Exclusive Raid Battles system that’s coming with the next Pokémon GO update excludes some players from this cooperative experience. Gamers need invites to participate in Exclusive Raid Battles, and they randomly appear at Gyms around the world. If that wasn’t enough, only gamers that already finished a regular Raid Battle get access to Exclusive Raid Battles.

Exclusive Raid Battles are simple when you have an invite. Invites come with all the information you need to participate. Niantic sets a date and time for the Raid Battle so that you can plan your day around it. You do need to physically be where the Raid Battle is happening. All the title’s gameplay requires that though.

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As they do with regular Raids, Exclusive Raid Battle players don’t know what Pokémon they’re trying to capture until the Raid Egg hatches. As of August 14th, everyone that successfully finishes an Exclusive Raid Battle can add Mewtwo to their collection. Niantic says other powerful Pokémon will hatch out of Exclusive Raid Eggs soon

Unfortunately, Niantic did not announce when the update that adds Exclusive Raid Battles will arrive. However, the company doesn’t reveal new features too far from their launch. Because of that, it is possible that Exclusive Raid Battles could start by the end of August.

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