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Project COVID Delivers Fast Answers to COVID-19 Questions



We’re all looking for answers to questions about COVID-19 without worrying about misinformation or diving into a potentially long research session. The Project COVID virtual assistant is an AI-powered chatbot that reads and digests information from trusted sources to help answer your COVID-19 questions.

While the assistant will not replace a medical professional, it does a very good job of answering common questions about COVID-19. Project COVID sources data from trusted sources to answer your questions in a conversational tone. Since this is a chatbot, it feels a lot like texting with a friend who’s done the research.

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The chatbot can even help you evaluate your risk, a symptom checker and it can answer questions about if food delivery is safe. Project COVID is free to use and continually updated. Sources include;

  • CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • NIH (National Institutes of Health)
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • California COVID Taskforce
  • Johns Hopkins

I tested the virtual assistant this afternoon to get information about recommendations for wearing a mask in response to concerns from friends. It can also walk you through a COVID-19 self-assessment if you are feeling sick or caring for someone who is sick.

Find answers to your COVID-19 questions with the Project COVId chatbot.

There are a lot of answers to other common Coronavirus questions including how it started, what it is and how to prevent it. You can also use the personal assistant to get information about where to get tested.

Each answer is sourced with links to the agency where the information came from, and you can click for more details. This allows you to easily review what the virtual assistant is telling you.

Project COVID is developed by Avaamo, a conversational AI company. You can try Project COVID here. Businesses and public health agencies can embed the chatbot on their site.

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