PS5 Pre-Order Problems: What You Need To Know
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PS5 Pre-Order Problems: What You Need To Know



If you are running into PS5 pre-order problems you are not alone. We experienced a collection of pre-order problems last night and some continue through today.

This is what you need to know about the PS5 pre-order problems and errors, plus what you can do about some of them.

PS5 Pre-Order Errors

What you need to know about PS5 pre-order problems.

Retailer websites broke under the string of PS5 pre-orders this week. These problems included error pages and some checkout systems going completely offline.

This appears to be better right now, but as the PS5 is in stock again at retailers this could flare up over the coming weeks.

There is nothing for you to do since this is on the retailer end. Simply try again.

PS5 Out of Stock

The PS5 is out of stock at most retailers, which is a problem in itself. Supply of the PS5 is low, likely in part to COVID and standard console launch constraints, so it is inevitable.

We have a guide on how you can find the PS5 in stock. We have direct links to check stock and a way to get notifications.

PS5 Removed from Cart and Checkout Problems

The most annoying PS5 pre-order problem we experienced was not being able to checkout with the PS5 Digital Edition in our cart.

This happened to us at Target because we had to add a new payment method.

If you ran into this on day one, you can make sure that your accounts are up to date and ready for when the PS5 is back in stock.

PS5 Accessories Out of Stock

Another major issue that we are seeing, and that will be a big problem near Christmas, is that the accessories will be out of stock.

Controllers, cameras, and other accessories are already tough to find. If you see one in stock, snap it up. You can always cancel the order if you find a different one that you want.

PS5 Pre-Order Not Coming on Release Day

A frustrating PS5 pre-order problem arrived by email last week.

Amazon sent out warnings to PS5 pre-order holders to let them know that they might not actually get their PS5 on November 12th.

There is still a good chance that Amazon will be able to deliver on time, especially with the recent promise of more pre-orders, but you should temper your expectations.

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