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62 PUBG PS4 & Xbox Tips & Tricks



Winning a PUBG PS4 or XBox game is a major challenge, but with the right PUBG tips you can win your first Chicken Dinner and then move on to getting more kills in PUBG and finding your perfect play-style.

It took me over 22 hours of play to get my first PUBG win, but with these Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds tips and tricks you can start placing higher in your next match and start to loot better and get more kills.

If you’re used to Battlefield V or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, you will need to dramatically adjust your style of play for PUBG on PS4 or Xbox. This means choosing your engagements, where you want to start a map and learning how to account for how other players will think. There is a lot of strategy in play here, but that doesn’t mean you need to hide your character in a room for 20 minutes every game.

21 PUBG PS4 & Xbox Tips for Beginners

The essential PUBG tips for PS4 and Xbox One.

The essential PUBG tips for PS4 and Xbox One.

When you first start playing PUBG on Xbox, you will need to familiarize yourself with the controls. Some buttons have secondary functions when pressed or held, and some have different functions when you are in a specific action or setting. Spend a game off in the wilderness learning what does what. When you are in a firefight, you won’t have time to learn.

How to Win Your First PUBG Game on PS4 and Xbox

Once you’ve figured out how to play, you can start working on a win. This means dropping away from the main route and picking your placement so that you can get good gear and then start coming into the edge of the circle and picking off wins. This is how I’ve got my wins in PUBG on Xbox One and it’s how you can get your first wins on PUBG for PS4. You need to invest in good headphones if you want to win. This will allow you to hear footsteps and approaching enemies faster. I use these tips primarily in solos, but they work with Duos or Squads as well.

  1. Use the PUBG Map to find places outside of heavily populated areas that will allow you to find loot and get situated before you encounter other players.
  2. When dropping aim away from the plane’s path, look for isolated buildings and then get to the ground as fast as you can.
  3. You can fly away from the plane’s path horizontally, but once you are ready to drop, hold up on the stick to aim yourself down as fast as you can. You want to reach 234km/h which will let you dive longer before the parachute opens.
  4. Once the chute is open you can continue holding up to dive faster to the ground. This gives you more time to loot.
  5. If you’re playing Duos or Squads, you will need to communicate your position and your actions so you have the best chance at winning. You should play near each other, but you can split up to loot.
  6. Always close doors behind you. This makes it look like no one has been to an area and it also gives you an audible alert when someone comes into a house you are looting or holding. In late game, you may want to leave some doors open in a nearby house to make the area look less appealing to someone passing by.
  7. Start looting. Look for an AR so that you have something with decent range. Your secondary weapon might be a shotgun or a SMG so you have a weapon that is better suited for short-range.

    Look for the right weapon combo.

    Look for the right weapon combo.

  8. Always move when you are in the open. You can even crouch and stand while using a medkit, to make it harder for someone to hit you.
  9. Push the left D-Pad to change fire mode on your weapons, which allows you to switch to Burst or Auto. Unless you are taking long-range shots, you should keep your weapon on Auto or Burst to put more bullets at your enemy faster.
  10. Find a Helmet, Vest and Meds. There are three levels of vests and helmets. The higher the level the better. Look for a few med kits and a few boosts like painkillers and energy drinks. Boosts help you run faster and replenish your energy over time.
  11. You’re kitted out and by now you should see the first circle. If you are outside of it you will want to start making your way to the circle. I prefer to look for an edge that with less chance of people coming up behind me and with a chance for cover. There are times when you will want to camp on a building until you see the next circle, and other times where you will want to get to the center. This is situational and you’ll learn as you go.
  12. When you are moving between building you can hold RB and then use the sticks to look around while you keep running in your original direction. This allows you to see any potential enemies without stopping and spinning around every few seconds.
  13. At this stage you are likely in the last 50 players and you are itching for a fight. Pick your engagements so that you have the upper hand. If you have a good shot and can take someone out, go for it, but if you aren’t at an advantage you should take note of where they are and either wait for a better time or leave and survive.
  14. Continue looking for where you need to go to get into the circle. Repeat the strategy from above. You can survive outside the first few circles for a decent amount of time, but once you hit the third and later circles you will need to get inside the zone faster.
  15. Using vehicles will allow you to get around the map faster, but it will also tell enemies that you are coming. Once you make it to a small circle with about 30 players left you should abandon the vehicle unless you are in a wide open area and you plan to run people over for a circle or two.
  16. Once you are in the top 20, you should start using your boosts like painkillers or energy drinks so that you can regenerate health as you play without stopping for a med pack.
  17. When you get kills you will want to figure out when to loot and when to leave the loot. If you make it into the top 15 players you need to be very careful with looting as it is a good way to get killed.
  18. As you make it into the late game you will need to sneak more and seek cover. Look for an area where the shortest part of the circle is contracting, and try to get there. You may need to go prone and crawl into the circle in some cases, but be aware of your surroundings.
  19. In the top 10 go for full sneak. You need to make sure you push into the zone fast, but don’t engage unless you can get the kill.
  20. Eventually the circle will start contracting continually until it forces a final fight. If you have grenades, you can use them to take out an enemy behind cover, or you can throw a smoke grenade off to a side as a distraction.
  21. Once you learn the basic controls you should pick someplace that will be heavily populated and drop in there for at least 10 games. This will mean a lot of deaths due to bad loot spawn, but it will also allow you to get some gunfights in. If you spend your first 10 hours of PUBG on Xbox hiding in corners you won’t get any better. I personally drop into a popular area like the school, military base, prison or shooting range at least two times each time I play. Most of the time I don’t make it out alive, but I’ve become a much better player from the practice.

You won’t win every time, but if you practice these tips and this strategy, you should find yourself in the top 10 often. Now that you know the basics, you can start working on more advanced PUBG Xbox tips and tricks.

5 PUBG PS4 Tips for Looting

When you are landing you can choose to land in high loot/high risk areas or you can land in low risk areas where you will need to hunt longer and harder for good gear. Use the PUBG Map to find where you want to land. There are some highly populated areas with really good loot, but tons of competition. You can also look for the stars which find high loot probability areas. These areas still attract a decent amount of players, but you may only need to take on two players instead of 10 players.

  1. If you are going outside of the high population areas, look for a place where there are at least 2-4 buildings that you can loot and hold.
  2. Loot in a circle so you always have a path for fast looting.
  3. Clear a house before you loot if you are approaching a house late game.
  4. Know where items should spawn. If there is a health pack on a stairwell, it’s a trap. If there is a car outside a house there is likely someone inside.
  5. When you switch guns, drop loot you don’t need so you can loot faster in late stages.

PUBG Xbox looting is different from on PC. You cannot Tab loot which allows you to grab a bunch of items off a dead person quickly. Instead you need to prioritize what you need. That could be going to the bottom to get weapons and ammo, or looking up top for boosts and med kits. Know what you want and loot fast.

11 PUBG PS4 Tips For Winning More Gun Battles

Here’s how to win more PUBG Xbox gunfights so you can get that chicken dinner and upgrade your loot by killing someone who did all the hard work for you. As I mentioned in the beginner section, you need to practice gun fights to win more of them. Instead of hiding and then taking on great players at the end or getting sniped without a chance to fight back, drop school or a town over and over until you master the tips below through actual practice.

  1. Adjust Your Sensitivity – This will vary from person to person, but since there is no aim assist you need to dial in your settings so you can easily line up on target and stay on target. The video above shows one of the sample settings to get you started.
  2. Use Soft Aim – Instead of going full into aiming with a tap of LT, hold LT to soft aim and win fast paced gun battles. Keep in mind soft aim will move your aim from where it is when you are just standing so make sure you account for that.
  3. Learn How to Lean – You can lean left by pushing on the left stick or right by pushing on the right stick and you will lean to the side. This lets you peak around a corner and it also makes you harder to hit.
  4. Change Weapon Fire Rates – Use left on the d pad to cycle between single, burst and full auto. Single is handy for long-range encounters, but in buildings and up close you will likely want to be on full auto.
  5. Go Down Sites Long Range – Tap LT to go down sites. This gives you a better aiming mode when you need to take someone down at a farther range. Even if you just have iron sights you can zoom in by holding your breath.
  6. Hold Your Breath – Hold RB to hold your breath. This will zoom in slightly with iron sights and it will steady your gun with a scope attached. You can only do this for a limited amount of time, so pay attention to the lung icon at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Find a Scope – A scope is essential in late game. Look for at least a 4X scope to attach to an AR or an 8X scope to get an edge on enemies who won’t even know you are there.
  8. Find a Silencer – Suppressors are available for many weapons. They make it harder for other enemies to know where you are shooting from and can dramatically help you in the final circle. Grab any that you find, even if it’s just to throw one away so a sniper doesn’t find it.
  9. Know How to Use Each Weapon – Some weapons work best in specific situations. You need to carry a weapon for medium to long-range, something for close encounters and know when to switch between them. An AR is going to be needed for any long-range encounter and will help you win at medium range as well. A shotgun or SMG at full Auto will be your go to at close range and in buildings.
  10. Know When to Fire the First Shot – If someone is behind cover wait for them to stop and let you get an easy headshot or wait for them to leave cover and then take them out. If you fire too early they will play cautiously and they will have a better chance of beating you.
  11. Don’t Go Prone – You might think that going prone is the best thing to do when someone shoots at you, but you should start moving around erratically while you swivel to try to find where they are at. if you go prone, it gives them an easy target.

Ultimately winning more gunfights comes down to finding your best sensitivity and learning how to get the drop on other players. You’ll also win more gunfights if you come into them with level 3 gear and full boosts, so don’t underestimate the power of boosts and armor.

19 Advanced PUBG Tips & Tricks

Use these advanced PUBG Xbox One tips to win more games.

Use these advanced PUBG Xbox One tips to win more games.

Now that you have the basics under control, you can use these advanced PUBG tricks to get an edge on unsuspecting opponents. These will give you that little edge you need to win more encounters.

  1. Run Faster – You can hold the left stick to run. If you are stationary you can click the left stick to sprint without holding the stick. If you carry just a pistol you sprint faster than with sniper rifles, ARs or Shotguns.
  2. Use Third Person Mode to Look Around – When running use RB to look around in third person. This also works while laying down in a bush or peaking a tree without exposing yourself or making noise.
  3. Lead Players When Shooting – If you are aiming for a moving player, you need to lead them at longer ranges. You may also need to aim higher if they are very far off.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Outside the Zone – In the first three circles, you can survive a decent amount of time in the blue. Use this to flank an enemy for a huge surprise.
  5. Swim Underwater – Swim underwater by pressing B and swim to the surface with A. You can’t be shot underwater and it also allows you to sneak.
  6. Switch Seats in Cars to Shoot without Exiting – If someone is following you in a car, you can switch to a different seat and shoot them. The car will keep rolling forward and you don’t have to leave cover
  7. Cook Grenades – If you want a grenade to explode sooner after you throw it, cook it by tapping LB when you are holding RT. You can only cook the grenade for about 5 seconds before it blows you up.
  8. Lob Grenades – While holding RT tap LT to lob the grenade underhand.
  9. Flip the Circle by Boat or Car – If the plane takes a low path that leaves part of the map uninhabited, grab a vehicle and rotate to that area and then you have less chance of people coming at you from behind.
  10. Knock Out Tires for Better Coverage – If you are using a car for cover, shoot out the tires so they can’t hit you under the car. Or, back up, and blow the car so they can’t kill you with a vehicle explosion later.
  11. Drop Your Backpack Late Game – If you are in the final circle and you need to go prone, drop your backpack so it’s harder for someone to spot you.
  12. Always Get a Level 3 Helmet – A damaged level 3 helmet will save you from a headshot better than a fresh level 2 helmet.
  13. Locate Shots – Look around when you hear a shot to locate which direction it is coming from.
  14. Super Punch – Jump and punch to do more damage.
  15. Equip If Loot is Full – Use A add gear to your guns without putting it in your backpack first.
  16. Look Through Windows – You can look through windows to find the enemy and sometimes get a kill without entering the house.
  17. Punch Windows – Punch out a window to be able to aim out the window better and for a quieter escape if you need to flank an intruder.
  18. Pick Up a Pan – The pan deflects bullets. If you find one, pick it up, it could save your life.
  19. Use All Your Gear – In the late stages, don’t hang on to boosts, medkits or your ammo stockpile. Use it all so you can win.

PUBG PS4 Map Tips & Tricks

Use the online PUBG Map to know where the best places to loot are and where you can expect boat and vehicle spawns. This will allow you to get better gear without tons of competition and it will help you go mobile to rotate around to the circle faster. You cannot explore the map without other players, so the only way to do so is to jump to other places and sometimes to pull your chute and float farther away from the plane’s path.

5 PUBG PS4 Final Circle Tips to Win More Games

If you put everything together you can start to get to the final circles in PUBG for the Xbox. This will put you in a situation with 10 to 15 other players and you will need to change strategies. Here are some tips to help you get the final kills.

  1. Boost – Always be at full boost. painkiller then energy drink if you have them.
  2. Play Sneaky – Stick to the edge of the circle and crawl if you need to.
  3. Let Others Finish Kills – If you see two players fighting you may be better off letting one win, then picking of the winner when they reload than interrupting.
  4. Leave The Vehicle – Don’t use a vehicle unless its a wide open area that is basically a demo derby. You’re too noisy and too easy to make explode.
  5. Stick to the Small Side of the Circle – As much as possible stick to the edge of the circle that is closing the least. This means fewer people coming up to your back or sides.

You can use these tips and the ones in the video above to win more games in the final circle in PUBG on PS4 & Xbox One. Ultimately you will need to play a lot of games to get a win, but if you go into each game with a purpose you can have fun while you do it.



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