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QDEF Display Could Deliver Richer Colors to iPad 3



The iPad 3 will likely come with a higher resolution Retina display, which is great, but after hearing about now screen technology from Nanosys called QDEF, we are hoping that Steve Jobs will work in this new screen technology which delivers richer colors.

We’ve certainly heard a lot about the next iPad display from retina displays with higher resolutions and 3D display possibilities, but this is the first we have heard about a focus on delivering better colors to the iPad. While you might think this would cause a big increase in cost or a hit to battery life, the new display technology can be achieved by swapping in one component in order to deliver better colors.

We can’t really see the difference of the new technology in the video above because our monitors aren’t able to really show the range of colors that the QDEF equipped tablets, HDTVs and notebooks can deliver. Jason Hartlove, the CEO of Nanosys explains that cameras can record the wider range of colors and we don’t lose it when the data travels over the Internet. Rather, the screens we have on our desks, tablets and other devices are the limitation.

By replacing a piece of film used in LCD production and switching to Blue LED backlighting, manufacturers can start using this technology.

QDEF technology could deliver better colors on the iPad 3

The QDEF film could help deliver better colors on the iPad 3.

When can you see this technology in person? The company hopes to have products available by the end of the year, from at least one major manufacturer, which you will be able to buy. We are also looking forward to seeing a collection of this technology in person at CES in early 2012 — and hopefully on the iPad 3.

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