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5 Reasons to Buy Black Ops 4 & 3 Reasons To Wait



Buy if You Love Specialists

In Black Ops 3 Specialists were a huge part of the game. Now there are eight Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Specialists that will bring new abilities to the game to keep the speed and to give your team an edge. 

The eight specialists are;

  • Battery - Cluster Grenade & War Machine Grenade Launcher
  • Crash - Delivers Ammo to Team & Can Heal and Boost Team Health
  • Ajax - Tactical Grenade That Can Detonate More than Once & Ballistic Shield with Pistol
  • Recon - Sensor Dart Reveals Enemies on Minimap & Vision Pulse to Tag Enemies
  • Torque - Deploy Razor Wire to Slow Enemies & Barricade with Microwave Pulse
  • Ruin - Grapple Gun to Quickly Move & Grav Slam to Take out Nearby Enemies
  • Firebreak - Reactor Core to Wound Enemies & Flamthrower
  • Seraph - Tac Deploy Lets Team Spawn Nearby & Annihilator Revolver

Each of these specialists comes with two skills that you can use to give your team an edge. These are earned like score streaks and can alter the tone of a game if used right. 

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