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8 Reasons to Buy the MacBook Pro 16 and 3 Reasons Not To



Buy for Better Performance

Buy for Better Performance

You get more powerful processors, an upgraded GPU, and better thermals to make this MacBook Pro a portable powerhouse. 

This new 16-inch MacBook Pro is capable of 2.1 times the performance of the quad-core MacBook Pro and you can choose up to 64GB of RAM for the first time. Here's what the new performance is capable of;

  • Music producers can play back massive multi-track projects with up to 2.1 times more Amp Designer plug-ins in Logic Pro X.
  • Scientists and researchers will benefit from 2.1 times faster simulation of dynamical systems in MATLAB.
  • Developers using Xcode can compile code up to 1.8 times faster. 
  • Photographers can apply complex edits to photographs 1.7 times faster in Photoshop.

The 28%increase in airflow and 35% larger heatsink helps enable the MacBook Pro performance gains, and it is capable of handling up to 12 more watts of power during heaving tasks than the older MacBook Pro. 

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