7 Reasons to Buy the Oculus Quest & 3 Reasons Not To
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7 Reasons to Buy the Oculus Quest & 3 Reasons Not To



Controllers are a Game Changer

Controllers are a Game Changer
$399.99 from Amazon

After trying out plenty out many early headsets where you plugged a phone in and essentially watched something happen or interacted in a minor way with the environment, the Quest with Touch controllers is a major upgrade. 

The controllers area easy to hold onto and they show up in VR so you can find them and then start using them. In many games they show up as hands, but not always. 

Making a fist is as easy as making one in real life since you grab onto two buttons on the controller. There is a small joystick and two other buttons on the top of the controller. 

This allows you to play games in ways that you simply couldn't on headsets without controllers and it's a game changer.  

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