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5 Reasons to Buy the Xbox Series X & 3 Reasons Not To



Here are the reasons you should and shouldn’t pre-order the Xbox Series X in 2020.

Should you buy the Xbox Series X? The new Xbox Series X is here, and if you can find it in stock, here are the reasons you should buy it, as well as some reasons that you should wait.

With COVID and demand for in-home entertainment, we expect that the Xbox Series X is going to be hard to find for yourself or for a gift. When you buy the Xbox Series X you can count on getting one as soon as possible. You may need to buy it on backorder as new stock trickles in.

The Xbox Series X is $499 or you can buy it on monthly payments from Microsoft for $34.99 a month with Xbox Live All Access. You can look for it at Microsoft, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Here are the best reasons to buy an Xbox Series X in 2020;

  1. Buy to Get One in 2020
  2. Buy for Instant Resume
  3. Buy for Incredible Graphics
  4. Buy for Exclusives
  5. Buy for Payment Plans

While there are more reasons to buy, there are some important reasons you shouldn’t order just yet.

  1. Wait for More Games
  2. Explore the Xbox Series S and PS5
  3. Wait for Deals

Ultimately we don’t think you should buy just to flip one, but that is going to ab a common reason that many people buy an Xbox Series X.

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Buy to Get One in 2020

Do you want an Xbox Series X in 2020 or even in early 2021? If so, you should plan to buy the Xbox Series X as soon as you see one on sale. This console is going to be hard to find for the first several months after the release date.

Even if you are hoping to stumble on one in a store, you should pre-order, and then you can cancel if you find one in stock before your order ships. The stock is going to be very limited.

We aren’t sure what in-store stock will look like at this point, so you will really need to be ready if you see one online.

Buy for Instant Resume

Are playing a wide range of games or do you have limited time to play on Xbox? The Instant Resume feature is an amazing option that helps you quickly jump between games and right into the action. It’s really impressive and an amazing way to maximize the time that you have for gaming.

We’ve enjoyed testing it out on the Series S so far, and it’s definitely a reason to upgrade to the Series X from an older console.

Buy for Incredible Graphics

Are you looking for the best graphics on a new Xbox? If so, the Series X is what you want. This is a higher-end Xbox and the one that will deliver the best-looking graphics. The biggest difference between the Series X and the Series S is that the higher-end model can play games at 120 fps at 4k resolution. The Series S can only deliver 1440p at 120 frames per second.

The Series X packs in a better GPU and more RAM, which means better graphics and that includes Ray Tracing, which delivers more realistic environments thanks to dynamic lighting. The Series S may not always get Ray Tracing or Ray Tracing at the same level.

Buy To Play Exclusives & Get Time-Sensitive Upgrades

Not every launch title is an Xbox Series exclusive. There are a number of games coming this fall and into 2021 that are only on the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC. If you want to play any of these, you should pre-order so that you can play when they arrive.

You can also pre-order to get your console in time to redeem dual entitlement upgrades from EA games and other publishers that are only offering limited-time free upgrades from Xbox One to Xbox Series X.

Buy for Payment Plans

Pre-order to get the Xbox Series X in a timely fashion with a payment plan.

The Xbox Series X is expensive at $499, but if you pre-order through Microsoft instead of going to a retailer, you can get monthly payment plans that are 0% interest and that includes Xbox All Access and EA Play. You won’t find these plans in stores, so the best way to get one is to pre-order and lock in a delivery as soon as one is available.

This a 24-month payment plan that totals $599.76, which is more than buying the console outright, but you are getting Xbox Live and a lot of extras. This package includes;

  • The next-generation Xbox console of your choice
  • Over 100 high-quality games to play on console, including next-gen Optimized games
  • Over 100 high-quality games to play on PC
  • An EA Play membership to play more than 60 of EA’s biggest and best console and PC games
  • And over 100 games to play from the cloud

The extra $100 is worth it, in this case, to spread out the price over two years and with all the free games and Xbox Live.

Wait for More Games

Oen of the biggest reasons to wait for the Xbox Series X and to skip the first few months is to see how the console performs during the public release, but more importantly — to wait for games.

The Xbox Series X launches with a variety of Enhanced titles, which you get the best version of through Smart Delivery. That said, we are still waiting for some Enhanced games to arrive and we will be waiting a bit until some fo the showstopping games and exclusives arrive.

Explore the Xbox Series S and PS5

The Xbox Series X is not launching by itself. Microsoft is also selling the Xbox Series S for $299 or $24.99 a month. This is a smaller Xbox Series model without a disc drive and less graphical power, but it still delivers the same speed and plays the same games.

Sony is also launching the PS5, which is a direct competitor to Series X. With cross-play, you don’t need to be on the same console as your friends anymore. Be sure to look into what Sony has to offer and decide if you should pre-order that model.

Wait for Deals

If you don’t want to spend $499, you will need to wait for Xbox Series X deals. This is not a short wait, but if you want to save, then you will likely need to wait until late 2021. Are you willing to wait that long for a new Xbox Series X?

A study conducted for eBay on Xbox One sales, the best time to buy an Xbox Series X is likely 12 months after the release, which could help you save up to 35% off the retail price when you buy a used model.

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