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4 Reasons to Pre-Order MLB The Show 18 & 3 Reasons to Wait



Pre-Order for Early Savings

Pre-Order for Early Savings

There are ways for you to save money if you pre-order MLB The Show 18 now.

Amazon and Best Buy discount new video games by 20 percent for their shoppers. All you need is a subscription to their specific services. 

Amazon ties MLB The Show 18 pre-order deals to its Amazon Prime subscription service. Buy early to get 20 percent off the game, no matter what edition you purchase. Just make sure that it's a physical copy of the game because digital copies don't qualify. That 20 percent in savings isn't enough to justify a Prime subscription alone, but it is a nice way to save if you already have a subscription. Amazon Prime costs $99.99 a year. 

A Gamers Club Unlocked subscription also gets you a 20 percent discount at Best Buy. As with Amazon, you must purchase a physical copy of the game for this MLB The Show 18 deal. Gamers Club Unlocked memberships cost $30 for two years of savings. 


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