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Reasons to Wait for the 2020 Mac Mini & Reasons Not To



Should you wait for the 2020 Mac mini? For most buyers, it makes sense to hold off until the end of March, when Apple may announce the new Mac mini. This isn’t just wishful thinking, a noted Apple leaker says the new Mac mini is coming soon, and it could very easily align with a March Apple Event or a series of new announcements sent out by press release if the company skips a big event.

If you need a new Mac and you want a Mac mini, you should wait before you buy one. There is a very good chance that you will see a new model in early 2020, possibly this month. Buying the 2018 Mac mini at this point is a bad idea, even if you find a good deal.

We expect that Apple will announce the 2020 iPad Pro models, a new iPhone SE 2 and now we’re hearing that the 2020 Mac mini and a new iMac could make an appearance in March. Here are the reasons you should wait for the 2020 Mac mini;

  1. Wait for a More Powerful Mac mini
  2. Wait for a Few Weeks
  3. Wait for More Info

While it does make sense to wait, there are a few reasons not to wait for the new model including;

  1. Don’t Wait for a New Design
  2. Don’t Wait for a Price Drop

We’ll go further into each of these reasons so that you can decide if you should wait or not. We know a little about the 2020 Mac mini thanks to a leak and due to the Intel processors that can work in this model.

Leaker CoinX shared that a Mac mini is coming soon in a Tweet on March 4th. There isn’t much information in the tweet, but as a source, this account comes with a good track record. CoinX accurately leaked iPhone lineups and there is a very good chance that this Tweet lines up with a March event or march announcement. We expect that Apple could share the news this month and then we would see a 2020 Mac mini release date by early April.

Apple last updated the Mac mini in 2018, which was a major update. Since then Apple’s started to offer more base storage on the laptop lineups and there is a very good chance that we will see update Intel processors in the new model. You can upgrade the Mac mini RAM, and we expect that this will remain a feature on the new model.

We don’t expect major design changes, the addition of many new ports or the ability to perform more upgrades on the Mac Mini.

Wait for a More Powerful Mac mini

Wait for a More Powerful Mac mini

The biggest reason to wait for the 2020 Mac mini release date before you buy a new model is for more power. This is great if you need more power, but also if you need more storage or you plan to keep your Mac for a long time. 

We expect a new Intel processor, potentially with up to 8 cores. Apple put a chip like this in the MacBook Pro and it makes sense to see power upgrades especially after nearly two years without any update.

Another change could be boosting the base storage from 128GB to 256GB. Doubling the storage is a minimal cost to Apple, and in 2020 128GB of storage on the Mac mini feels low. 

We've heard some calls for a Mac mini with discrete GPU, the part of the computer that handles the graphics. If Apple added a discrete GPU the Mac mini could handle video editing and other tasks better, but it is unclear if this will make the cut. 

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