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Report: Samsung’s Android Phones Preferred Above Motorola, HTC By Consumers



According to consulting firm iGR, Samsung enjoys the “highest brand preference among consumers,” with Motorola, HTC, and LG coming up behind. The firms new report, out this month, also highlights why consumers buy Android and what they like about them.

Given that Samsung has scores of Android handsets across major carriers it’s no big surprise that they sell well. But the survey appears to go into more detail than that, citing that past ownership of a phone by the same brand heavily influences some, other factors are important, too.

iGR Research Analyst Sarah Thoman specifically called out “handset display quality and functionality” as big influences. Anyone who follows Android phones obsessively knows that Samsung usually brings amazing displays to the party along with other great features.

Samsung Logo at the CES booth

And long before Samsung became a big name in consumer electronics in America consumers praised their phones, even back into the dark days of Windows Mobile.

Can Samsung stay on top for long? If they keep making phone everyone wants, presumably yes. However, another factor iGR mentioned is that the study participants often chose Android because they see Google as a trustworthy company. Now that Google owns Motorola Mobility, will the trustworthiness extend to that brand? How will that effect buying decisions in the future?


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