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Tag Heuer’s $3,700 Smartphone And 6 Other Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets



Tulip Ego Diamond - $355,000

Tulip Ego Diamond - $355,000
It's just too bad that computers with handles went out of style (thanks Apple) because I know I certainly wish I could carry my laptop around like a purse. Even better if the notebook chassis is all encrusted with real diamonds and gold in an ostentatious pattern. I can just imagine the looks of envy as I walk down the street in New York City... The Ego Diamond's specs aren't as luxurious as all that -- 12-inch anti-glare display, 2GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive -- but none of that is as important as the craftsmanship that goes into combining diamonds, gold, titanium and leather into one highly portable machine.


  1. Tonyonot

    03/14/2012 at 8:25 am

    Enjoyed reading your article.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m poor or what, but I didn’t find these items desirable one bit.  Even if I had the money, I would never buy them.  Well…maybe the phone…maybe.

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