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Ring Door View Cam: The Perfect Smart Camera for Apartments & Condos



The Ring Door View Cam is a smart door viewer that replaces your peep hole with a smart HD camera that upgrades the security and delivers a smart home or smart apartment upgrade by swapping out the door viewer in a few minutes. This is an excellent option for people who live in an apartment, condo or even a dorm, where a traditional Ring Video Doorbell isn’t the easiest option.

With this new Door View Cam, you just unscrew your existing door viewer, put this one in its place, install the rechargeable battery and connect to WiFi. You can set it up in a few minutes without any holes or extra tools. That’s perfect if you rent and don’t want to modify the door, since you can take this off and put the old one back when you move.

The Ring Door View Cam replaces your door viewer with a smart camera.

The Ring Door View Cam replaces your door viewer with a smart camera.

The Door View Cam includes a HD video camera, two-way talk, motion zones and privacy zones. It sends real-time notifications when someone rings the bell or when they knock on the door, so you always get an alert. You can answer a notification on your phone or tablet, and there is still a glass viewer so you can use it like a normal peep hole when that is more convenient.

You get motion alerts, can interact with people at your door and live view with the free plan, but you need to pick the Ring Protect Plus plan to unlock video recording and the ability to review and save videos. The Ring Protect Plan is $3 a month or $30 annually. If you need multiple cameras at the same address, the Protect Plus Plan is a better option.

With the Door View Cam you can set up Privacy Zones to block out specific areas or to turn off audio recording if you need to ignore areas or need increased privacy. New Smart Alerts allow you to set up even more control of notifications and alerts. These features are coming to all Ring Doorbell and Ring Cam in 2019.

  • Adjustable Motion Detection – Motion sensitivity can be adjusted to fine-tune motion alerts, conserve battery life, and customize motion zones.
  • Motion Verification – Door View Cam rules out false alerts so users can see more accurate and relevant activity.
  • Motion Stop – Door View Cam stops recording if motion is deemed unimportant, prolonging battery life.
  • Person Detection – Door View Cam will identify and label the type of motion detected and give users the option to ignore motion events they don’t want to see.

Users can ask Alexa, “show me my front door,”and get alerted when there is motion in real-time. They can also speak to visitors with the Echo Show, Echo Spot or Alexa enabled tablets.

The Ring Door View Cam release date is set for the U.S later this year and it is priced at $199. It is also coming internationally to the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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