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Ring Spotlight Cam Simplifies Home Security



The Ring Spotlight Cam is a new versatile security camera and spotlight from Ring that joins the new Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Floodlight Camera as a connected way to protect your home.

Available in three versions, you can put the new Ring Spotlight Cam practically anywhere thanks to a wired, battery and battery + solar configuration option. This simplifies adding a new light and HD security camera to your home by letting you add one where power is not readily available.

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No matter which option you choose, the Ring Spotlight Cam includes LED light panels that turn on when motion is detected, a 1080P HD camera and two way audio so you can listen in and talk to someone that appears on your camera.

The Ring Spotlight Cam installs easily with three options that let you put a camera and lights anywhere.

The Ring Spotlight Cam installs easily with three options that let you put a camera and lights anywhere.

The Ring Spotlight Camera is $199 for the Wired version and $199 for the Battery version. The Solar version is $229 as it comes with a Ring Solar Panel. The Spotlight Cam is available in white and black color options. You can use Live View to pull up a view of your home anytime you want and you will get notifications when motion is detected by one of your Ring devices. The Spotlight Cam is available today at Ring.

“For Ring devices to continue reducing crime in neighborhoods, we must provide homeowners with a variety of affordable, DIY security solutions that work together to create a complete ‘Ring of Security’ around their property,” said Jamie Siminoff, founder and chief inventor of Ring. “With the new Spotlight Cam, we are empowering our ‘Neighbors’ (how we refer to Ring customers) with a new way to protect the entire perimeter of the home – from the front door to the backyard.”

The Ring home security tools connect to the Ring app on your iPhone or Android phone and allow you to monitor what is going on around your house. The new Spotlight Cam allows you to place cameras and lights in areas that are vulnerable, but traditionally hard to wire. With the battery or solar options, you can place a Ring camera on a shed or post pointing at your home instead of limiting yourself to cameras attached to your house.

Here’s what you get with the Ring Spotlight Camera;

  • 1080p HD camera
  • Two-way audio
  • 110-dB siren
  • Night Vision
  • 140-degree field of view
  • Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • Smart motion detection
  • Two, bright LED light strips that turn on when motion is detected and/or can be set to a schedule

Each of the three options includes these same features. The wired version includes a 20-foot power cable and offers 270-degree motion detection angle for the lights. The battery powered Ring Spotlight Cam offers a 160-degree horizontal motion detection and can run on two 6,000 mAh Ring batteries. Additional batteries are $29 each. The Solar option includes a Ring Solar Panel at a $20 discount over buying it separately.

You can buy the Spotlight Cam today at Ring in Wired, Battery or Solar configurations and there are two pack options that save you $50 on the wired or battery back models.


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