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How to Fully Disable the Bixby Button on Galaxy S8 & Note 8



This guide explains how to completely disable the Bixby button on Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8. Bixby is Samsung’s new virtual assistant similar to Siri, Alexa, or the Google Assistant. And while it has plenty to offer, some will want to turn it off. Here’s how to disable Bixby once and for all.

Earlier this year Samsung added an option to disable Bixby, but it didn’t work quite as expected. It prevented the app from opening or triggering voice commands, but your phone still turns on and wakes up when you push the button. This wasn’t an ideal solution.

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Above, we detail 175 awesome voice commands you can do with Samsung Bixby. It’s actually extremely useful. However, if that doesn’t appeal to you below are the steps to get rid of Bixby completely. By following our guide the Bixby button will do absolutely nothing when you press it.

How to Completely Disable the Bixby Button on Samsung Galaxy Phones

It’s extremely easy to disable the Bixby button, as long as you have the latest version of the app from Samsung. Launch Bixby and you’ll see a pop-up for the update. If not, you can manually update Bixby. Open your application tray and find Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store. Open the Galaxy Apps store and tap the 3-dots at the top right, then choose My Apps and select “Updates“. You should have updates for Bixby, Bixby Home, and Bixby Service. These probably updated automatically. If so, continue to the steps below to disable Bixby.

Disable the Bixby Button for Good

Once you have the latest version of the Bixby app, disabling it is very easy. As of right now, the latest version is If the update isn’t available, download it here. After updating the app there’s a slider on/off tab at the very top to turn off the Bixby Key. Flip the switch to OFF.

If you don’t see the off switch at the top of the Bixby app, here are the full instructions to disable it yourself:

  • Press the Bixby Key on the middle left side of the phone
  • At the top right corner, tap the 3-dots menu button
  • Tap Settings from the dropdown menu
  • Scroll down and select Bixby Key
  • Set to Don’t Open Anything

That’s it, Bixby is gone forever. The button doesn’t do anything and is basically wasting space on your phone. Sadly, the Samsung Bixby button on the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Galaxy Note 8 is not customizable. We’re hoping Samsung allows some level of customization in the near future. So we can use it as a dedicated camera button, or to launch the Google Assistant. For now, it’s Bixby or nothing.

However, this also means you won’t accidentally open Bixby while you’re trying to pick up your phone, turn down the volume, or while taking screenshots. The key won’t do anything, and won’t wake up your phone.

Disable Bixby Home & Other Details

In closing, if you want to completely disable Bixby on your phone there is one more step. Getting rid of the Bixby panel on your homescreen. When you swipe all the way to the left you’re greeted by a Bixby landing page full of information.

Push and hold any blank area on your home screen. The screen will zoom out to an edit mode, where you can change wallpapers and such. Swipe to the far left until you land on Bixby. Now, just disable Bixby with the slider at the top of the screen. Hit the home button and we’re all done. You’ve now successfully disabled Bixby on your homescreen and completely turned off the button.

If at any point you want to bring back Bixby simply follow these steps in reverse. Long-press on the screen and enable Bixby Home, then open the app and turn the button back on. While you’re here, take a look at these 40 Galaxy Note 8 Tips 7 Tricks.

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