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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Confirmed for Two Carriers



While American carriers remain silent about carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, two carriers in the United Kingdom have pledged their support for the newly announced phablet.

Both Three and O2 in the UK have officially confirmed that they will be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sometime later this year. And while the carriers remain silent about an exact release date, we imagine that they will carry it sometime during the month of October, the month in which the Galaxy Note 2 is expected to first arrive on shelves.

According to Engadget, three other major carriers in the United Kingdom remain silent about their Galaxy Note 2 intentions. T-Mobile and Orange said that they did not have any details to share about an upcoming launch while Vodafone used a bit of strange language when talking about the Galaxy Note 2.

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The Galaxy Note 2 has been confirmed for Three and O2.

Instead of saying it didn’t have anything to share, the carrier instead said that it “isn’t involved in this.” No telling what that means but it leaves open the possibility of the device not coming to Vodafone.

We expect the carrier to clarify its statement in the weeks ahead.

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As for the United States, no carrier has officially stepped forward yet to claim the Galaxy Note 2 as its own. We have seen a retailer put up a pre-order for a version of the Galaxy Note 2 that’s compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, but thus far, no American carrier has said whether or not they will be carrying the new phablet.

Samsung itself said that the device wouldn’t be coming to the United States until later this year and that could mean that it will see its launch sometime after the device’s initial launch in October when it will arrive in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ahmad

    09/15/2012 at 11:26 pm

    Im mot saying this to apease anyone but the note is truly a new trend setter, I don’t even use the s pen on my old n7000,I just liked having all that screen .all these new features and I’m sure we’ll see someone port over some of the features of the note 10.1. After seeing iPhone 5 belly flop I’m definetly buying the international edition of the note 2 anyway. And I live in the states o hate the us versions of phones mainly because American carriers models of the same phone suck compared to international .

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