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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Stars in Detailed Official Video



The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 announced at IFA 2012 has come and gone but Samsung doesn’t want consumers to forget about the new 5.5-inch phablet device now that the show is over. Instead, in an attempt to keep the device fresh in their minds, Samsung has released a lengthy Galaxy Note 2 hands-on video.

Samsung’s official hands-on video is a lengthy but detailed look at the device it recently announced just a few days ago at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany.

In all, the device is nearly 14 minutes in length. However, it’s extremely detailed and delves into everything that is new about the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s successor to the original Galaxy Note phablet.

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galaxy-note-2 6

The Galaxy Note 2 will hit the U.S. later this year.

From the new S-Pen features to the device’s thin design to the Galaxy Note 2’s massive Super AMOLED Plus HD display, Samsung covers everything prospective buyers need to know about the new smartphone.

What Samsung doesn’t cover in the video is when consumers should expect the Galaxy Note 2 to arrive. The company announced that it would be landing on shelves in Europe, Asia and the Middle East sometime in October but it has yet to disclose when the exact date is.

Two UK carriers thus far have claimed that they will be carrying the Galaxy Note 2 while three others, including Vodafone, have said that they don’t have anything to share yet.

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As for the United States, Samsung has only said that it will be releasing the device later on this year. No American carriers have confirmed the new phablet.

For those American consumers that are impatient, a retailer has put up a Galaxy Note 2 for pre-order that is compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile though the price is extremely steep.

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