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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Design: Watch Out for Bad News



The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 design is a point of curiosity for many potential buyers, and recent leaks share what the Galaxy Note 4 may look like when Samsung announces it next Wednesday. Today a new leak shows multiple Galaxy Note 4 cases for sale from China that don’t match the new design at all, showing something that looks more like it is made for a super-sized Galaxy S5.

Sometimes case leaks are a great way to learn how big a new phone will be and what the basics of the design look like. For instance iPhone 6 cases from a reliable source match the rumors and fit mock-ups so good that it’s clear the company knows what it is doing. This company also delivered Nexus 5 cases before the announcement that fit like a glove on the device.

These Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases are for sale, but don't buy into everything they are selling.

These Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases are for sale, but don’t buy into everything they are selling.

Cases are a valuable way of learning what the Galaxy Note 4 design looks like, but not this latest batch of leaks from a Chinese manufacturer selling mainly silicon cases. Several sellers on Alibaba, an online marketplace to buy items in bulk from China, advertise Galaxy Note 4 cases that don’t match the leaked design.

If you believe these cases are legit, Samsung is only making the Galaxy S5 bigger and adding an S Pen, which is not what the leaks suggest is happening. You can see some of these alleged Galaxy Note 4 cases in the gallery below and in the photo above. One red flag is that they use the Galaxy Note 3 press image inside the case.

From Silicon to leather, there are many companies willing to sell bulk Galaxy Note 4 cases to users right now with this same design. The quantity of Note 4 cases that share the same design could lead some to assume this is the new Galaxy Note 4 design. It is possible that Samsung plans something similar, but cases on Alibaba aren’t where you should look for confirmation.

There is an opening for the S Pen and the the traditional back facing speaker on Samsung devices, but the camera opening and sensor opening in the top middle doesn’t line up with the leaked Galaxy Note 4 photos.

Watch the video below to learn why we are wary of reading into the Galaxy Note 4 design based on cheap cases from China. Before the Galaxy S4 release in 2013 we ordered several silicon and other cases that ended up being obscenely big and completely wrong. One was even big enough to fit the Galaxy Note 2.

Now compare the Galaxy Note 4 case photos to the photos below showing the potential Galaxy Note 4 design. The three photos arrived from GSM Arena showing a new design complete with a textured back. We could also see a metal frame along the edges marking the first time Samsung uses a metal design in the Galaxy Note 4.

The key difference you’ll notice is that the flash and the hear rate sensor are to the side of the camera, which are covered by the Galaxy Note 4 case designs.

Although there is not enough evidence to completely back the Galaxy Note 4 photos showing the true Note 4 design, it is possible that Samsung plans to move the camera flash and sensors. The Galaxy Note 2 to Galaxy Note 3 design changes included relocating the flash, so it is something Samsung is not afraid of doing.

We’ll find out exactly what the Galaxy Note 4 design looks like on September 3rd when Samsung announces the new Galaxy Note. We could then see a very fast Galaxy Note 4 release date that arrives in late September. You can checkout the latest Galaxy Note 4 rumors in the video above and in the slides below.

Galaxy Note 4 Video Rumor & Release Date Roundup

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Rumors

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 event is on September 3rd at IFA 2014, with a satellite event in NYC. Expect to be able to watch the Galaxy Note 4 event live on YouTube as Samsung traditionally streams their announcements online.

We expect a very fast Galaxy Note 4 release date following the announcement. Although there are no specific dates available yet, one leak points to a Galaxy Note 4 release during the week of September 15th. At the very least we anticipate a U.S. Galaxy Note 4 in September or the very early part of October at the latest.

Samsung goes up against a larger screen iPhone 6 this year and it looks like the company plans to take the iPhone 6 head on. We could see an iPhone 6 release date on September 19th, later in the same week as a possible Galaxy Note 4 release.

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