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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: 15 Things We Want in 2015



Thanks to a series of credible leaks and rumors, we know that a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is probably on its way to replace the Galaxy Note 4. Odds are, the Galaxy Note 5 features will come with a collection of upgrades that Samsung uses to sway consumers. With Galaxy Note 5 rumors starting to firm up, today we want to take a look at what we want from those features and the Galaxy Note 5 release in 2015.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge currently stand as the company’s flagship Galaxy Note models though Galaxy Note 5 rumors suggest that a next-generation model is on the way. The Galaxy Note 5 hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung but thanks to these details, we and many others are starting to get excited about the next Galaxy Note.

It’s summer and the Galaxy Note 5 release date is rumored for the fall but rumors haven’t settled on a full list of Galaxy Note 5 features just yet. Nor have they been able to outline the device’s announcement date or all-important release date. We haven’t seen the end of Galaxy Note 5 rumors either.


Samsung’s Galaxy Note rumor cycle typically starts to pick up the pace once we hit late July and early August. This is likely because Samsung has made final decisions about the design, display and more so that it can begin production ahead of a release in the fall.

With Galaxy Note 5 rumors still not embedded in concrete and a release not expected to land for several weeks at least, we want to take a look at some of the things that we want from the Galaxy Note 5 release in 2015. This wish list includes expectations for both features and the device’s probable release.

There’s a good chance that Samsung will fail to deliver on all of these requests but our hope is that it’s able to include some of these things on the Galaxy Note 5 itself and in the device’s highly anticipated release.

Clear Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Details

Clear Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Details

If Samsung opts to use a big stage to announce its Galaxy Note 5, and we have a feeling it might use IFA 2015 in September as a launch pad, it needs to use that big stage to inform its potential buyers in a clear manner that includes tangible details about the phone's release date. 

Samsung's launch events have improved over the years but the company still has a difficult time outlining all of the key details during and immediately after its events. There are always question marks about release dates, colors, storage, and more. Always. 

After five years of practice, it's time for Samsung to deliver. Make the Galaxy Note 5 release details clear on stage. 

If it can't confirm specific dates due to carrier restraints, at least confirm a specific window for key countries like the United States. And be specific about plans for official accessories, colors, and storage options. These things are all paramount to a phone's success. Samsung need only to borrow from Apple's launch event playbook to see how things are done. 

Be concrete. Be transparent. It would go a long way with us and it would probably go a long way with other Galaxy Note 5 buyers as well. 

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