Samsung Galaxy Note 5: 15 Things We Want in 2015
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: 15 Things We Want in 2015



Big Beautiful Display

Big Beautiful Display

 Galaxy Note 5 rumors point to a big 5.89-inch Quad HD or Ultra HD display. We're excited about the prospects of both though our hope is that Samsung chooses the one that is more energy efficient. Remember what we said about battery life. 

The Galaxy Note 4's 5.7-inch Quad HD display is absolutely stunning and it's good enough for most people. We'd be find if Samsung decided to tweak the display a little bit (color saturation, improvements in sunlight, etc) without adding Ultra HD. 

We've seen Ultra HD at places like CES and it's incredible technology and it's clearly the future. We just hope Samsung doesn't rush things to be first or to one-up the iPhone. Quad HD is perfectly fine for a phone from 2015. 

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