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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Heading to AT&T?



It appears that AT&T might be adding yet another Samsung Galaxy S4 device to its stable in addition to the official Samsung Galaxy S4 and in addition to the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ, Samsung’s upcoming rugged version of the flagship. A new rumor suggests that AT&T will be getting the Samsung Serrano which is thought to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

In the days after the Samsung Galaxy S4 release, Samsung has been rumored to have several other Galaxy S4 models up its sleeve for later on this year. One of those is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ, a rugged device that should be water and dust resistant and appeal to those that take their devices into potentially dangerous environments.

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Possible Samsung Galaxy S4 mini photo.

The Galaxy S4 Mini could be heading to AT&T.

The second, is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, a device that is said to be a smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and feature a 4.3-inch qHD display, dual or quad-core processor, 8MP camera, Android 4.2 and some of Samsung’s new TouchWiz features. It, along with the Galaxy S4 Activ, are thought to be arriving July though up until this point, rumors beyond specs and release date have been scarce.

Today, the notorious @evleaks shot out a rumor that states that the Samsung Serrano, which is thought to be the Project J codename for the Galaxy S4 Mini, will be heading to AT&T under the model number SGH-I257. Project J is the codename for Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

So while this isn’t definitive confirmation of a Galaxy S4 Mini arrival in the United States, it does mean that there is a good chance of it hitting AT&T’s 4G LTE network in the months ahead. @evleaks is usually spot on with his or her information and again, Serrano has previously been thought to be the Galaxy S4 Mini.

It’s still unclear just when AT&T might announce the device but given that all signs are pointing to July, we could see the carrier announcement it’s plans during that month.

It’s also not clear whether AT&T will be the only carrier to offer the Galaxy S4 Activ and this Galaxy S4 Mini. Information in regards to it arriving on other carriers has been scarce.

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