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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date Details Swirl



New Samsung Galaxy S6 release date details continue to swirl ahead of Samsung’s all but confirmed Galaxy S6 launch date on March 1st at Mobile World Congress 2015.

As we approach March 1st and Samsung’s Unpacked event, we continue to see Galaxy S6 release date rumors and seep to the surface. Yesterday, we encountered a barrage of new U.S. Galaxy S6 release details and today, Galaxy S6 release date details have outlined what consumers in another major market can expect from Samsung and its Next Big Thing.

A new report from Indian publication IBN Live, citing insider sources, claims that the Galaxy S6 release date in India, one of the biggest smartphone markets on on the planet, will take place during the second week of April. A specific Galaxy S6 release date is unknown but it appears that Samsung has decided on an April release for India after pre-orders begin in March. An exact pre-order date isn’t outlined either though Galaxy S pre-orders historically have arrived shortly after the conclusion of Samsung’s Unpacked events.

Expect a fast Galaxy S6 release date.

Expect a fast Galaxy S6 release date.

This new Galaxy S6 release date, if true, would mirror last year’s Galaxy S5 release date which took place a couple of weeks into the month of April. Current Galaxy S6 release date rumors indicate that Samsung may be planning an early release that could land in late March or early April. Rumors have centered on a release that takes place two to three weeks earlier than usual though that remains unconfirmed.

It’s clear that we’re getting closer to a Galaxy S6 release in India and in countries around the world though. In the buildup to the Galaxy S6 release we’ve seen retailers, accessory makers and now carriers confirmed details ahead of time. Yesterday, three U.S. carriers confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S6 release, a huge development ahead of the Galaxy S6 launch on March 1st.

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have all confirmed Galaxy S6 releases and AT&T’s confirmed its Galaxy S6 release date for Spring 2015. AT&T’s release details align with Galaxy S6 rumors that point to a release in late March and late April. Samsung’s rumored to have two Galaxy S6 models up its sleeve, a regular variant and a curved variant that’s similar to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Best Buy teases the Galaxy S6 release date as "coming soon", in stores.

Best Buy teases the Galaxy S6 release date as “coming soon”, in stores.

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date rumors point to a possible release somewhere between March 22nd and March 30th and April 19th to April 27th. Those dates refer to blackout dates for Samsung employees. Companies often use blackout dates to ensure that they’re at full strength during major product launches and the Galaxy S6 is clearly a major product launch.

While a specific date has yet to be confirmed, every single Samsung Galaxy S6 release date rumor currently points to March and April for a Galaxy S6 release date and it appears that markets like the United States and India won’t have to wait long to get their hands on Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S5 successor.

Samsung and its carrier partners are the only ones prepping for a Galaxy S6 release. We recently discovered a placeholder for the Samsung Galaxy S6 inside of a Best Buy location, another sign that the Galaxy S6 release in the U.S., and perhaps in general, could come a little bit faster than years past. We’ve also seen international retailers, carriers, and even Samsung itself start teasing the Galaxy S6’s arrival ahead of its launch date.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is widely expected to feature a number of big time upgrades including a 5.1-inch Quad HD display, a new design that features premium materials, a swipe-based fingerprint sensor, tons of internal storage, an upgraded 16MP camera, an improved front-facing camera, a new Exynos 7 octo-core processor, Android 5.0 Lollipop with a toned down version of TouchWiz, and more.

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