Samsung Galaxy S6 Release: 7 Things to Know This Week
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release: 7 Things to Know This Week



As we march closer and closer to Samsung’s Unpacked event in March, we continue to hear a ton of rumors about the Galaxy S6 release, a device that’s expected to take the reigns from the Samsung Galaxy S5. With rumors swirling and a Samsung Galaxy S6 release date closer than ever, we want to take a look at the most important things consumers need to know this week about Samsung’s Next Big Thing.

Every year, Samsung releases a brand new flagship smartphone. And every year, that device becomes one of the most talked about smartphones of the year. Both before, and after, its announcement. Right now, we’re in the midst of the Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor cycle and its matured, we’ve seen consumers start to keep a watchful eye on the latest developments.

If you’ve been following along, you’d know that Galaxy S6 specs, Galaxy S6 launch date, and Galaxy S6 release date details have all leaked out in some capacity over the past month or so. You’d also known that the past two weeks have been a complete and utter whirlwind with alleged Galaxy S6 details emerging left and right. There’s a lot to follow.

Today, we want to help make things a little easier for those of you that are thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy S6. This mini roundup includes this week’s key Galaxy S6 rumors and leaks and it will help prepare you for what should be three weeks of non-stop talk about Samsung’s iPhone 6 competitor. Here’s what you need to know this week about the Samsung Galaxy S6 release.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch Date Set in Stone

Earlier this week, Samsung sent out invites for a media event in Barcelona, Spain. The event is scheduled for March 1st at Mobile World Congress 2015. And while the invites don’t call out the Samsung Galaxy S6 by name, it’s safe to assume that this event will revolve around the Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung always saves its Unpacked media events for big products and the Galaxy S6 could be its biggest product announcement of the year.

What this means is that we’re just a few weeks away from the Galaxy S6 launch date. And that means that we’re probably just a few short weeks away from a Galaxy S6 release date announcement. Samsung always announces release dates on stage and we should see Samsung confirm at least a few details on March 1st.

There is a Samsung event on March 1st.

There is a Samsung event on March 1st.

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date rumors still hint a release that’s two to three weeks earlier than normal though we wouldn’t put too much stock in those rumors just yet. We’ll almost certainly see the Galaxy S6 arrive sometime between March and May but a specific Galaxy S6 release date probably won’t arrive until the actual event kicks off on March 1st.

The company will be live streaming the event which means that consumers around the world can tune in to see what the company announces. Two Galaxy S6 models are rumored, something that was seemingly confirmed by the invite, and there’s also talk of a round smartwatch competitor for the upcoming Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is now confirmed to be shipping by April.

Companies Prepare for Galaxy S6 Release Date

Companies continue to prepare for the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date. We’ve seen a couple of Dutch carriers post Galaxy S6 teaser pages in an attempt to draw interest and we’ve also seen several accessory makers put their wares up online ahead of the Galaxy S6 announcement. Even Spigen has joined in on the fun.

The important thing to take out of this is the preparation, particularly the prep work from these accessory makers. Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung often give accessory makers molds and dimensions ahead of launch.

Spigen's upcoming Galaxy S6 case.

Spigen’s upcoming Galaxy S6 case.


This practice allows companies to prepare accessories for a device’s release date. In the past, we’ve seen companies like Spigen provide accurate design details regarding unreleased flagship smartphones based on that information. Spigen essentially outed the LG G3 design before LG’s announcement.

PhoneArena’s also shared a Galaxy S6 case from Verus who claims that the renderings are based on what the Galaxy S6 will actually look like. They look similar to the Spigen cases.

Real or not, it’s clear that Spigen and other accessory makers have lots of Galaxy S6 accessories on the way. It’s also clear that the Galaxy S6 should be coming to carriers around the world. Prepare for a massive launch.

Galaxy S6 Design Details Firm Up

We’ve seen a ton of Samsung Galaxy S6 design leaks emerge over the past few months and this week, we’ve seen some of these details really start to firm up.

This week, a credible leak from China appears to show the Galaxy S6’s metal casing. SamMobile, a site that is clearly plugged in with a Samsung insider, believes that the part is real. The leak does make sense. Every Galaxy S6 rumor up to this point has pointed to the arrival of a premium design, one that could be composed of metal, glass or both.

These schematics could show the Galaxy S6's dimensions.

These schematics could show the Galaxy S6’s dimensions.

Another leak from Korea appears to show the Galaxy S6 dimensions. The schematics depict a device that’s just about 7mm thin, or, about as thick as the iPhone 6. The drawings also depict the same sensor, port and button placement we’ve seen on other credible Galaxy S6 design leaks. So while they aren’t confirmed to be authentic, there’s probably something here.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors indicate that Samsung’s new Galaxy S flagship could borrow at least a few features from Apple’s flagship iPhone 6. The Galaxy S6 is rumored to include features like a non-removable battery and a touch-based fingerprint sensor as opposed to a swipe-based sensor. John Gruber from Daring Fireball makes the connection and notes that Samsung borrowed heavily for its wildly successful Galaxy S3 design.

At this point, the whole Galaxy S6 design picture has yet to come together but one thing is perfectly clear. The Galaxy S6 probably won’t come with a full-on plastic design like the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4. It will almost certainly be making a move to a more premium design, perhaps one that’s similar to the iPhone 6.

Galaxy S6 Concept Brings Those Rumors To Life

If chassis leaks and schematics aren’t your cup of tea, take a look at this Galaxy S6 concept from HDBlog in Italy. While it’s not the real thing, it’s based on the Galaxy S6 design rumors that we’ve seen. It’s the best interpretation that we’ve seen though it certainly won’t be the last.

This beautiful Galaxy S6 concept brings Galaxy S6 rumors to life.

This beautiful Galaxy S6 concept brings Galaxy S6 rumors to life.

This Galaxy S6 concept, made by Andrea Sanso, delivers a premium design that includes metal materials and what appears to be a glass back. Galaxy S6 rumors have pointed to these exact changes though they, like all Galaxy S6 rumors, remain unconfirmed.


The concept also features all of the usual sensors including a camera situated on the middle-back of the design and a home button that will almost certainly include an upgraded fingerprint sensor.


Samsung’s well known for clamping down on design leaks though we’ve slowly been able to piece together its plans. Look for more details to come together ahead of launch.

Galaxy S6 Price

The U.S. Galaxy S6 price remains elusive but we’ve seen several potential Galaxy S6 price details emerge in the past few days.

The most interesting details come in a new report from AndroidPIT. The Spanish publication claims that the Galaxy S6 will come in two different forms (a regular model and an “Edge” model) with three different storage variants. Those details are backed by an avalanche of Galaxy S6 rumors that suggest that we’ll not only see a curved Galaxy S6 but three different sizes including 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models.

The site claims that there will be six different price points for the Galaxy S6 in Europe. Here is how it will supposedly breakdown when the Galaxy S6 arrives on shelves.

Galaxy S6 Price

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB: 749 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 64 GB: 849 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 128 GB: 949 euros

Galaxy S6 Edge Price

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32 GB: 849 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64 GB : 949 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128 GB : 1049 euros

Now, as we’ve mentioned, U.S. buyers shouldn’t read too much into this. International price points typically don’t align with smartphone pricing in the United States.

749 euros translates to $860 USD but even that seems way too steep for the base model of the regular Samsung Galaxy S6. Could we see the Galaxy S6 jump a bit in price due to a new premium design? Perhaps. But with the iPhone 6 priced starting at $199.99, there’s a very good chance that Samsung keeps the base model at that price point.

Galaxy S6 Colors

New Galaxy S6 release rumors from SamMobile assert that we’ll see four color options emerge with the Galaxy S6. The publication’s inside information points to dark blue, blue-green, gold, and white. Last year’s Galaxy S5 came in a number of colors though only two, black and white, were available when the device reached the United States. It’s not clear if all four of these will be available at the start nor is it clear if Samsung will perform its usual “color exclusive” routine.


It appears that the curved Samsung Galaxy S6 variant, currently dubbed Galaxy S Edge, will feature the same four colors as well. Look for Samsung to show these off on stage in March.

Galaxy S6 “Special Feature”

One more thing. A report from a Korean publication suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S6 release could also include support for the company’s rumored Apple Pay Rival dubbed Samsung Pay. The report from DDaily suggests that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 models will utilize LoopPay technology which can be seen in the video below.

What’s interesting about this is that if Samsung decides to partner with LoopPay, and it might given that the two have reportedly talked, the Galaxy S6 won’t need to rely on NFC communication for mobile payments. Instead, it will work similar to the magnets found on a credit card. It’s an interesting twist and it could be one of the bigger announcements at MWC 2015.

Apple Pay is the company’s mobile payment service that works in conjunction with Touch ID (Apple’s fingerprint sensor) and credit cards to deliver effortless payments at popular stores like Whole Foods. Apple Pay will continue to grow in size in 2015 and it appears that Samsung doesn’t want to sit on its hands while it expands.

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