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Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Dock: 5 Things to Know



Windows and Mac Programs Won't Work

Windows and Mac Programs Won't Work

As expected, Windows and Mac programs won't work with DeX. That's because we're running on Android here. It's basically a scaled up version of your phone with a few companion apps designed specifically for DeX. 

That being said, Samsung did think about power users and made sure to have plenty of options for those that do want to use it, and need to get work done. For starters, there are apps and programs like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and even Microsoft Word designed exclusively for the big-screen that's delivered by DeX. So it does have a lot of possibilities. 

Not to mention Citrix, Amazon Workspace, and VMWare and access to virtually any and all Android apps. Right now we're not sure exactly how well all Android apps will work, scale up to the bigger size, or work in a traditional "Windowed" mode like a regular computer. For now Samsung is talking about their own apps and partnerships with Adobe or Microsoft. Just know that even though it doesn't run programs from a PC or Mac doesn't mean it won't be a capable accessory to get work done.

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