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Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Dock: 5 Things to Know



5 / 5

Wait for Reviews

Wait for Reviews

Last but not least, we'd recommend waiting for some reviews or additional information before buying one. While $149 isn't too expensive, adding that on top of an already expensive phone can be a hard sell. We still have a lot of questions about Samsung DeX, what all it can do, and how well it will all work and come together for the overall experience. 

Is it just the software laid out in a different format and blown up for the big screen? Or did Samsung actually make additional changes and tweaks for the overall experience? How well will regular Android apps work, if at all? And how much does DeX leverage Android 7.0 with recent apps, split-screen modes, multi-tasking and even the freeform windows mode that was never added to the final version of Android 7.0 Nougat. There are a lot of questions, and we'll have answers soon enough. 

Either way Samsung seems excited about the possibilities with DeX, as are we, but we'll reserve final judgement until we get it ourselves. Look forward to more information and full reviews in the near future, then make up your mind if a DeX dock will work for you. 

5 / 5
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