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Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Dock: 5 Things to Know



Dex Doesn't Replace a Laptop

Dex Doesn't Replace a Laptop

Samsung Dex will not replace a full-out laptop, or even something like a Google Chromebook. Even if it almost costs as much as some affordable Chromebooks available today. 

From what we've seen Samsung isn't positioning Dex to compete with laptops or Chromebooks, or even something like the Pixel C for that matter. Instead, it's an extension that allows you to do more with your smartphone on the go. 

Imagine the possibilities though. It's a small and portable dock that can be thrown in a briefcase for a business trip or a frequent traveler. All you'll need is a monitor once you get to the final destination. Even hook it up to the HDTV in your hotel room for some quick photo or video editing on the fly. Upload everything to the cloud, and you have a portable on-demand work station for light tasks. Considering many popular desktop programs are available on Android, this could end up being an awesome product for mobile professionals and road warriors. Once we spend more time with it we'll comment further. 

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