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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, 10.1 with Samsung UX Hands-On Video



At CTIA, we got to take a look at the new Galaxy Tabs in larger screen sizes than the original 7-inch release. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Samsung was showing off its new user interface on top of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the first sort of customizations to the user experience to Honeycomb as previous tablets–like the Motorola Xoom, LG Optimus Pad, and T-Mobile LG G-Slate–did not provide additional manufacturer-level customizations to the Google mobile operating system that was built specifically for tablets.

Overall, Samsung did a good job in keeping Android’s native look and feel while providing convenient user features through its customizations. Unlike the company’s previous efforts with the TouchWiz user interface–popularized on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones–the new Samsung UX is minimal, clean, and looks professional; it doesn’t dominate over Android but works in conjunction with Honeycomb to augment the tablet OS’s utility.

Design-wise, Samsung’s claiming that its Galaxy Tabs are the slimmest tablets on the market, though there are reports on the Internet saying that these early prototypes being handled at CTIA appear to be thicker than Samsung’s claims. Regardless of how you slice these new 10.1- and 8.9-inch tablets, I think the most compelling thing about these slates are not the design, but the user interface that Samsung’s added on top of Honeycomb. For the average consumer, though, I am concerned if these enhancements may be too subtle to distinguish as on first glance, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 just looks like a smaller version of the Xoom running a vanilla build of Honeycomb. If Samsung is going to leverage its new Samsung UX as a unique selling point, it will really need to promote that upon launch of the tablet and perhaps take a page out of Apple’s iPad feature videos to educate consumers on how those enhancements enrich the user’s tablet experience.

The company is really filling in where Google is falling short in creating a multimedia tablet that can go head-to-head with the iPad in terms of creating a complete ecosystem where users can download, purchase, and browse books, music, videos, magazines, and other content. Through Samsung’s digital media hub, users on the new Galaxy Tab can now download some of these contents on the go, just like how an iOS-enabled iPad user can tap the iTunes store for music and videos or the app store for apps, and the iBookstore for books.



  1. Clownboy64

    04/02/2011 at 7:14 pm

    I sure hope the tablet is better than the marble and mush mouth guy feebly attempting to present it…
    Samsung should be embarrassed to have allowed that person to be recorded presenting the TAB…
    I think I am gonna take a look at ZOOM…

  2. bobjill

    04/03/2011 at 10:40 am

    Don’t buy a PAD until you do your research on this product.

    ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
    All up it looks like a US $500 product incl.the magilcal keyboard that extends battery life to 16hrs

    Love to be in the Marketing Department of Apple, Motorola, or Samsung, they will be
    pulling their hair out. Pity anyone that bought an ipad or is thinking about a xoom or tab.
    What else are we yet to see this year. The apple ipad will look like a kids toy ( an expensive one at
    that ) come the end of the year.
    This is from the ASUS company web site WOW

    Eee Pad Transformer comes with a slim lightweight design and 10.1″ capacitive touch-screen. A custom user interface provides easy access to the Android® 3.0 HoneyComb operating system, while the NVIDIA® Tegra? 2 chipset provides full support for Adobe Flash, smooth HD video conferencing and playback, a lightning fast web experience and incredible mobile gaming performance.

    An optional docking station turns the Transformer into a full-fledged notebook with a QWERTY keyboard for desktop use, while extending battery life up to 16 hours. As with the Slider, front (1.2MP) and rear (5MP) digital cameras make for easy video chat and digital photography, while a built-in mini-HDMI port makes for easy connections to external displays for full 1080p HD video playback.

    Here it is a link to a video demonstrating the product.
    ( copy and paste )

    Asus’ EE Pad Transformer appeared on for $400

    Additionally the Docking Station – Keyboard that extends battery life to 16 hrs is on sale in the UK for 50 pounds

    In addition to the Tegra 2 processor, it has 1 GB DDR2, and will come in both 16GB and 32GB storage capacities. It also has a Micro SD card slot. What sets it apart from other tablets, though, is the detachable keyboard which has 2xUSB 2.0 and a card reader.

  3. Digwhiz

    04/03/2011 at 11:24 am

    totally agree with bobjill…if one can wait for just 1 or 2 more months, tablet market will get clearer after the dust settles down…right its too much noisy and entire market is full of speculations and rumors … Samsung’s Galaxy tab is no doubt a great tablet..but with the given price it may not remain greatest in coming 2 or 3 months…for me its just wait and watch right now..

  4. Kevin Borden

    04/07/2011 at 2:16 am

    What the…!? How do you “announce” U.S. release and price point if you can’t even display a working product! The European Vodafone tablet Mr. Mushmouth presented may/may not even operate similarly and is a shame to even make the comparison. Apples (no pun intended) to oranges! I do like the fact that Samsung is in the chase and has potential to seriously challenge (finally!) their main competitor, but am skeptical they’re getting ahead of themselves and won’t meet their expectations in time.

  5. Lilguy2009

    04/09/2011 at 4:02 am

    I am super excited about the 10.1 Galaxy Tablet! This looks like it is going to be a hit. It already is with me. As soon as I get mine, I am going to download the DISH Remote Access app! Using the app along with my 922 SlingLoaded receiver, I can stream anywhere that I have an internet connection to my phone. As a DISH Network customer and employee, I have been using the DRA app for some time on my MyTouch 4G and I can say it would be perfect for the Galaxy Tablet. Hopefully T-Mobile becomes the provider for this amazing looking tablet!

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