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Secretlab Launches Affordable, Ergonomic Neue Mesh Computer Chairs



Secretlab is best known for making epicly comfortable gaming chairs like the Titan, and now their subsidiary Neue is offering a new line of ergonomic mesh computer chairs.

These mesh computer chairs and the name, which is German for new, comes out of their desire to push new ways of adjusting and moving your computer chair. The NeueChair Obsidian and NeueChair Silver are built with high end materials and the company said that they worked with input form German automotive engineers to deliver high build precision.

These computer chairs feature a new way to control the adjustments that Neue says is a super-intuitive method, which will help you find a comfortable and ergonomic position easier. The ergonomic controls are built-in to the arm rests. Squeeze one of the ControlShift hand levers and you can adjust the height, or lock and unlock the back tilt. There’s also a button on the chair base to adjust the depth of the seat.

The NeueChair Silver features a new way to control your chair.

The NeueChair Silver features a new way to control your chair.

Each chair is made with a 3-layer mesh blend made of polyester fiber and DuPonte yarn. They designed it not only for comfort, but how it will feel on your skin and for long term comfort. The metal frame is an aluminum alloy that allows the chair to be lightweight, but still supportive. With the NeueChair Obsidian, the base includes an industrial plating to extend durability and prevent corrosion. This should come in handy in office settings where users are tracking in snow from a commute or dirt from the shop floor.

The class IV hydraulic piston is from SHS, which they say is the choice for high end task chairs. Neue’s added another layer of protection with a goal of delivering longer term reliability. Each chair comes with a 12-year limited warranty, which is in line with the warranty on more expensive chairs from Herman Miller.

The NeueChair Silver is $699, but available for $549 for Black Friday and the NeueChair Obsidian is $799, but available for $649 for Black Friday. You can also make monthly payments using Affirm.

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